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Welcome to the Wild and Wonderful with Mitchell Patterson. This podcast will feature tips, tactics, and gear reviews.Most episodes will be self hosted but some will feature guests. Whether you’re hunting whitetail, turkey, or black bear each podcast is designed to give you valuable information to make you more successful.


Podcast with Colton Hall
2020 Dec 0537m 44s
In this episode I discuss hunting strategies with Deer Society and Advanced Whitetail Systems member Colton Hall.
The Orange Army
2020 Nov 2340m 27s
In this short and sweet episode I talk on just a few ways you can capitalize on a good buck during rifle season
Podcast with Andy Orr
2020 Nov 191h 30s
In this episode I talk property management and hunting strategies with Deer Society member and owner of Advanced Whitetail Systems Andy Orr
Desperately Seeking
2020 Nov 195m 47s
Bucks should be breaking loose from the first doe and desperately seeking to breed the second hot doe
Podcast with Smokey’s Deer Lures
2020 Nov 1527m 10s
In this podcast I talk scent strategies with Smokey McNicholas owner of Smokey’s Deer Lures from the hills of West Virginia. You DON’T want to miss this!
2020 Nov 147m 18s
In this episode I discuss tips and why it is good to hunt a new area
Colder weather
2020 Nov 113m 44s
Finally we get a break from these warmer temperatures!
Podcast with Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist Rod White
2020 Nov 1142m 2s
In this episode Olympic Gold and Bronze medalist Rod White joins me over the phone to share his tips and experiences. Rod is a big contributor to The Deer Society and one of the few people I have a lot of respect for as a hunter.
2020 Nov 105m 27s
How to hunt these warmer than normal weather conditions
Welcome to the Wild and Wonderful Podcast!
2020 Nov 107m 11s
Just an introductory episode of my hunting background. Each episode will feature tips, tactics, gear reviews, and updates from what I am seeing in the field. Each episode is designed to make you a better hunter. Thanks for joining!
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