The Aussie Cruise Show
  • david valks
8 episodes
The Aussie Cruise Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to all things cruising in Australia. Our mission is to create a fun, positive and vibrant community of cruise enthusiasts who share a passion for a life on the ocean wave. We cover a range of topics including ship reviews, information on loyalty programmes, breaking news, behind the scenes tidbits and much much more.


Luxury Cruising: What makes it so different?
2020 Mar 1120m 58s
Welcome to the glamorous and chic world of luxury cruising!
Queen Elizabeth Review - Cunard
2020 Feb 2425m 23s
I recently returned from a 4 night cruise on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth.
What it's like to work on a cruise ship - Q&A
2020 Feb 1429m 29s
In this week’s episode we go behind the scenes of working on a cruise ship.
10 Cruise Ship Myths - Totally Busted (part 2)
2020 Feb 0422m 37s
Part 2 of our episode where we look at the top 10 Cruise Ship Myths and totally bust them!
10 Cruise Ship Myths - Totally Busted (part 1)
2020 Jan 2829m 45s
In this episode we are going to look at the weird, wonderful and very common cruise myths that are often said about the cruise industry.
All About Virgin Voyages with Sharon Hando
2020 Jan 2538m 4s
Curious about Virgin Voyages?
#1 - Ovation of the Seas - Review
2020 Jan 1628m 55s
In this episode we delve into my 3 experiences on the Ovation of the Seas.
About the Aussie Cruise Show
2020 Jan 158m 15s
This is a quick introduction episode to tell you what to expect from the Aussie Cruise Show.  We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.
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