Crazy Classroom Conversations
  • Yash Kumar Singhal
3 episodes
In a classroom, the teacher’s rambles about differential equations or mitochondria are the main stars of the show. But one mustn’t overlook the whispered dialogues that take place at the back of the class. If one listened, they would find that these debates and discussions are often more interesting, way more chaotic and might I say more educational than the class itself! By talking to teachers, students and other awesome guests on this podcast, I want to bring you into the classroom so even you can listen in on some of these crazy classroom conversations.


Episode 3 - A Conversation about Clones - With Yash2
2020 Sep 0710m 57s
For the third episode of CCC, I wanted to talk about Cloning and what a future filled with clones could look like. I thought, that for such a topic, who better to call as my guest than my very own clone, Yash2!!! So, click that play button and join us as we ponder the feasibility, societal effects and uses of cloning technology.
Episode 2 - A Conversation about the Chemistry of Taste - With Dhruv Aryan
2020 Aug 2416m 47s
In the second episode of CCC, I am joined by my classmate Dhruv Aryan in a discussion about the biology and chemistry behind taste and food pairings. Come listen in as we dive into the realm of gastronomy, trying to figure out why ketchup goes so well with fries but tastes horrible with chocolate cake.
Episode 1 - A Conversation about Conversations - With Lavi M Kumar
2020 Aug 1714m 49s
For the first-ever episode of Crazy Classroom Conversations, I wanted to talk about the one thing without which creating such a podcast would be impossible: Language.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.