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Hey everyone it's Adrian from Everyday Adrian and I'm starting a Everyday Adrian Podcast for all my followers that just want to carry audio instead of watching my videos.


I found a stray St. Bernard
2016 Aug 272m 57s
I found a stray St. Bernard by EverydayAdrian
Time Flies By Fast
2016 Apr 105m 55s
Time Flies By Fast by EverydayAdrian
Share Your Time With Someone!
2016 Apr 095m 21s
Share Your Time With Someone! by EverydayAdrian
Always Better Yourself!
2016 Feb 275m 2s
Always Better Yourself! by EverydayAdrian
Stop Being Lazy!
2016 Feb 215m 36s
Stop Being Lazy! by EverydayAdrian
What Makes You Unique?
2016 Feb 095m 20s
What Makes You Unique? by EverydayAdrian
Keep Trying To Achieve Your Dreams!
2016 Feb 015m 7s
Keep Trying To Achieve Your Dreams! by EverydayAdrian
You learn when you fail!
2016 Jan 275m 16s
We learn when we try and fail! That is the process of life and that is how we grow. Always fight for your dreams and never quit!
Do What You Love!
2016 Jan 235m 29s
Do what makes you happy no matter what others may think or say. It's your life and you should be doing the things you like not matter what anyone else thinks, and the begging is always the hardest, but you can do it!
Think Positive Always
2016 Jan 205m 27s
Think Positive Always by EverydayAdrian