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Having the ability to create the life that you want to live through motivation and inspiration.


Writing Your Own Story
2021 Apr 1850m 3s
Do you know what it means to take the wheel of your own destiny? Tune in today to discover the triangle between mind, body and spirit. Where we try to understand the balance in life that is required to direct your own abilities. We cover work life, your life and being able to churn your wheels to travel a great distance.
Breaking Out Of Your Glass Box
2021 Apr 1242m 33s
We take on a special guest today that has a goal of bringing cancer awareness to our society. Without people like Olivia we would be clueless to the different types of cancer's and how widely it is misunderstood. We tie it right into everyday life actions and thought for your listening pleasure.
Take Off The Bandaid and Be Distinguishable
2021 Mar 2950m 39s
We have the opportunity in life to continue to fit in the box that life hands us or we can choose a path to success. There will be constant battles and wounds we obtain from the trials of life. Are you getting up and fighting or throwing on a bandaid?
The Subconscious and Conscious Mind
2021 Mar 2254m 39s
Tune in to this week's episode as we dive into an in-depth conversation about the mind and the capabilities it can have on your life as a whole. Do not forget to have a full understand of what the mind is telling you, even when you are not paying attention.
Self Discovery
2021 Mar 081h 7m 29s
Tune in to this week's podcast as we discuss self discovery with our special guest Paulo. Paulo talks about his travels through Portugal and Thailand which in turned changed his life forever. Sometimes that time of isolation can turn into a moment of clarity. Listen in!
Code of Conduct
2021 Feb 1438m 22s
What does your code of conduct mean to you? Do you have one? Dive into the Eagles Nest this week and see what Chris and Will have to say.
Anxiety In Today's Society
2021 Jan 2439m 46s
Jump into this week's conversation as we discuss anxiety in today's society. There is nothing like truly understanding yourself and the anxiety's that may dwell withing.
The Importance of Challenges
2021 Jan 1742m 56s
This week Team Tangible sits down to discuss the importance of challenges. How do you face challenges in life?
Do Your Circumstances Rule You ?
2021 Jan 1038m 49s
Tune in to this week as we dive into the discussion circumstances and how they can affect you.
Redefine Your Success
2021 Jan 0344m 23s
Tune in to Team Tangible as we jump into the New Year with success on our minds. Let's talk about what it will take to bring success about and stick to making a difference by your own rules.