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Isabel and Olive: two teens in California, eating mac and cheese and growing old together. Here to share our opinions on everything relating or not relating to feminism. Take a listen why don't ya!


Episode Seven- Fashionable Oppression
2017 Aug 0630m 17s
How do you feel about dress-codes?
Episode Six- Frivilous Pinterest Boards
2017 Jul 3131m 33s
In this episode we discuss the ups and downs of social media: How it can be beneficial, but often hurtful, and how and why we regulate our use of it.
Episode Five- Bitch
2017 Jul 1614m 31s
In this short episode we discuss the stigma around curse words, particularly ones aimed at women. Can derogatory words be reclaimed? Can we successfully give advice to one of our listeners? Beware- this one includes strong language.
Episode Four- Speaking up
2017 Jul 0918m 20s
This week we talk about "the quieter mentality" Why girls and women have the reputation of staying silent and not participating in group discussion... and why we personally may or may not participate as much as we could/should.
Episode Two- There Were Lesbians Before There Were Pyramids
2017 Apr 0425m 6s
Today's episode is all about the terminology around sexual orientation and gender. Think you know it all? We challenge you to listen all the way through....see if you learn something new. Remember to rate us on your podcast app by searching our name in the search bar, clicking on our lovely icon, and then clicking on "review".
Episode One- No Boyfriend No Car No Job
2017 Feb 1924m 33s
Get to know us! If you like it, stick around! We will be posting a new episode every month.
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