• Bully Money
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Tune in every Tuesday as JC & Block speak on unique experiences, the Do's, the Don'ts, and all of the everyday struggles of being a Man. This is ManTalk. (This is brought to you in partnership with Bully Money Media & AnchorFM)


Bonus Level #1 "YOU DON'T KNOW MY NAME"
2020 Oct 2117m 16s
On this bonus episode of Man Talk JC & Block talk questionable amazon purchases, Alicia Keys bangers and girls with cars.
Episode 2: City Girls Vs. Mary Mary
2020 Oct 1336m 11s
On this episode of Man Talk JC & Block talk pussy memes, magnetic eyelashes, first kiss experiences and give the best advice they can. (Listener Discretion Advised)
Episode 1: It Got A Little Muddy
2020 Oct 0755m 15s
On the first episode of Man Talk, Bully Money recording artist Ky9 pulls up and the trio talk about their favorite music of all time, W.A.P, being ugly during COVID, occasional mudbutt & share football stories. (Listener Discretion Advised)
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