Express Your Wonders
  • Bronwyn Corkery
13 episodes
A discussion about the fears and anxiety that hold us back from living the lives we are meant to live.


I'm moving to Michigan
2021 Apr 1621m 3s
I went to visit my sister in Michigan one summer and the next thing I know my mom is calling to see if we can find a home to rent.  It was so exciting moving to Michigan but it required me to be brave. I had to be brave in my first attempt at public school!  I was just starting High  Schoo, my freshmen year!  Boy that getting lunch dependently thing can sure be tricky! I had to endure long walks to school with my brother till a friend helped us to explore being eligible for the school bus. Then I took my bravery skills to a whole new level when we moved to the other side of town and a new school again.  When my mom dropped the bomb, my sophomore year,  that she was moving back to Staten Island I begged to stay.  That was one of the things she considered my feelings in and let me stay at my sisters to finish school.  And when I wanted to give up and move back with my family, my sister, Mary, was brave for me and said "No, stay and finish!"   Thank God for older and wiser people who loved me!
Brave like Murphy
2021 Apr 0115m 27s
Murphy is my trusted furry friend!  All the sudden though it seemed as though he was startled when eating and drinking.  I tried to help him in various ways to be more comfortable to eat and drink.  We envisioned what he must be thinking, like "I'm so brave going to drink my water.  I'll be brave!"  Murphy reminded me of one time when I was brave with my son at Six Flags.  I faced "The Nitro!"  I had to set the example for my son all the while thinking in my head "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this...."  It takes bravery to be your authentic self.  On a daily basis we have to choose to let our light shine and be ourselves, knowing others will love us just the same.  We don't need to earn their love-they already love us.
The Hamster Wheel
2021 Mar 1910m 48s
Life ever get going so fast you feel like you are on a hamster wheel?  That's how I felt towards the end of 2020.  I lost my job in the beginning of 2020 due to covid which gave me time to pursue my passions!  I got going on my Etsy shop, a craft subscription box, AND this podcast.  However, I found myself in a position to take on a more thing... but it took up most of my time.  I began to have wild success with my custom orders and subscription boxes only to literally be tripped up and experience an ankle injury!  I knew something had to give and I knew it was going to be something I enjoyed.  I enjoyed the holidays, re-evaluated where I was with all my interests and adjusted.  I am back to do all the things I love.  I hope if you find yourself on the hamster wheel of life, you can slow down, take a step back, and adjust to continue doing the things that make you happy!
"Just for today, may I...?"
2021 Mar 0411m 37s
I'm back better than ever...How were the holidays for you?  I found myself swimming in projects!  It was a great problem to have because it meant I was being successful in all my ventures.  I have really enjoyed my Etsy shop and this podcast.  However, I took a minute to reflect and see how I could manage 2021 better!  I want to connect with you all in my facebook group and if you have a gift need and you know the recipient would love words of affirmation...check out my Etsy shop too.  I want people to feel seen, heard, and know they ARE enough!
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2020 Dec 2414m 5s
Christmas music is everywhere right now because of the holiday season!  And all those songs have me reminising about Christmas's passed.  There's a connection that "the lower 4," in my family, have to the song Silver Bells.  So funny to remind each year after year.  And then there's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...TWO VERSIONS?  Did you know that? Thank God Judy Garland stood her ground and we now know the more uplifting version!  I will be back next year with season two, but until then, consider journaling about the memories that may be coming to you with all the holiday music.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Be Careful What You Wish For
2020 Dec 1011m 59s
Be careful what you wish for! My Etsy shop has taken off from my Black Friday sale and more orders than I know what to do with! I am proud of myself and I hope you too can SAY that sometime.  Be proud of yourself and don't let anyone ruin that.  It got me thinking along with my sisters over text about all we have to be thankful for.  We went back and forth between the good and bad of this season of life.  And as much as the Grinch (Covid) wants to steal Christmas, we are happy as the Whos in Whoville.
Wish he'd gotten a picture of THAT!
2020 Dec 0314m 37s
Man I tell ya, November was rough and fast!  I managed to start a podcast, craft subscription box, start a new job, and have an injury in November! I really wish, now after the fact, he HAD gotten a picture of my fall.
A 2020 Kind of Thanksgiving
2020 Nov 2614m 21s
Who loves the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade? Hear about one of our Thanksgiving trips and our "Home Alone moment."  How is your Thanksgiving changing this year?
A Giant Soul
2020 Nov 1913m 37s
Jamie was my older brother, he was the 5th child and I was the 8th in our family.  I have 7 brothers and sisters total.  My mind traveled to memories of him when I heard the song "Gonna Be Happy."  Despite feelings of missing him, I choose to be happy.
Doris...the best mom in town
2020 Nov 1216m 35s
I always thought my mom was the best mom in town despite her people pleasing ways.  I felt bad other kids didn't get this great mom I did!  I miss her in early Nov. when she went to join my father in heaven. She was a great mom!