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Hey everyone! Thank you for clicking on my podcasts. In this podcasts I want to be able to share silly life experiences and stories and just the Journey of my life. Thank you for listening if you do and I Hope you stay a while. Instagram:_alyas_ Twiiter:alyasmissy


Not Living past 21
2021 Apr 025m 4s
*Trigger warning mention  of suicide*
I broke his heart.
2021 Mar 265m 41s
Hello everyone in this weeks podcast I talk about a guy I dated in middle school that I regret hurting. Thank you for listening
Mental Abuse
2021 Mar 057m 39s
Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks podcast where I share something Ive been dealing with for almost a decade
They saw my boobs
2021 Feb 1211m 40s
I was the crazy girl On Plenty of fish.
2021 Feb 059m 9s
Hello everyone and welcome  to this weeks podcast. This week I tell you how not to act on POF.
My struggles with shopping
2021 Jan 224m 45s
Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks podcast! In this weeks podcast I dive down deeper in to something I didn't think I would ever talk about.
New Years Resolutions
2021 Jan 156m 46s
Hello everyone,
Only fans and having babies
2021 Jan 088m 3s
Hello everyone ! Happy new year! In this weeks podcast I’m looking for advice on what to do and I also explain the struggles of my weight. Twitter :alyasmissy
Learning the ropes and feeling the love
2020 Dec 3115m 33s
Hello everyone in this weeks podcast I just talk about the life of adulting and learning from my mistakes
Life regrets
2020 Dec 184m 58s
Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks podcast. This week I talk about one of my biggest regrets and what I would take back.