Invito Rex
  • Brand Gamblin
16 episodes
Disraeli Augustus McCracken is the most tricky noble impostor to ever graduate from the Hidden Institute. But when he finds out the truth of his birth, a history he had never anticipated comes crashing down on his present life.


Chapter Fifteen
2013 Dec 1930m 46s
Dizzy attends a concert given by Jus Cos. If there's any chapter of the book you hate, this is likely it.
Chapter Fourteen
2013 Dec 1728m 20s
Dizzy finally finds out why Lord Dunem has such an odd way of dealing with their enemies.
Chapter Thirteen
2013 Dec 0830m 59s
Dizzy wonders if his new plan is worse than the old debt, but his consideration is derailed at the sound of a shot.
Chapter Twelve
2013 Dec 0729m 43s
Dizzy realizes he'll never be a king like his brother, and he's fine with that.
Chapter Eleven
2013 Nov 1937m 27s
Dizzy attends his brother's funeral, and gets a disturbing message from the king. He seeks help from the Dowager Queen.
Chapter Ten
2013 Nov 1439m 49s
After the harrowing ordeal of the morning briefing, Dizzy holds court, and finds himself slipping into a vicious new character.
Chapter Nine
2013 Nov 0930m
Dizzy finds that he is utterly unprepared for the kind of difficult decisions, both foreign and domestic, that royalty must face.
Chapter Eight
2013 Nov 0334m 15s
Dizzy learns more about house Wilde as Wendy describes to him just how big a mistake he's made. Lord Dunem takes a few moments to reinforce the lesson.
Chapter Seven (part 2)
2013 Oct 2921m
Dizzy has a chance to play circular chess against the Prime Minister of Belgium, and Police Chief Trumble meets with a nobleman who wants to help hunt Dizzy down.
Chapter Seven (part 1)
2013 Oct 2631m 15s
Dizzy sees just how poor the commoners are as he tours an algae factory, then gets prepared to play a game of live circular Chess against the Prime Minister of Belgium.