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Biblical Support For Israel
2020 Sep 2217m 48s
Angels, Faith & the Word
2020 Jul 0145m 55s
Story Behind Kavanaugh “Paid Protesters”
2018 Sep 0612m 16s
I attended the Senate Confirmation Hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh with a group of 60+ leaders from around the nation. Our singular goal was to converge on DC and pray for the nomination process. Little did I know I would stumble into some evidence of a long-held suspicion and ignite a national story on “paid protesters”. Here is how it happened.
Political Mobs
2018 Jul 2423m 6s
Every year approaching New Years Day I spend some time asking God what is on his heart for the new year. January 1st, 2018 I heard some things about the mid-term elections and the relentless assaults on the President of the United States by “political mobs”. For many of you who don’t know me personally, you may not have a grid for what I’m about to share. Please watch the video or listen to the audio for some context. Below is the word that I received on January 1st, 2018. I also outline some of the main points of the video and walk you through the Daniel 6 reference. I believe this passage and word is relevant for the summer of 2018 in particular. It provides insight into what is going on in our nation’s capital and how to pray.
Israel’s 70th Anniversary Celebration
2018 May 1414m 16s
The above video is a few words I shared about the establishment of the nation of Israel. The 70th-anniversary celebration of Israel’s modern statehood took place on May 14th, 2018. It was held at
David’s Eternal Temple
2018 May 0437m 11s
King David wanted to build a permanent temple to the Lord. But in 1 Chronicles 17 we discover that God had other plans in mind. God would build a house for David, and establish a kingdom that would never end. Was that kingdom ruled by Solomon who built the 1st Temple according to his father’s designs? Or was the Lord revealing something much greater to David than an earthly temple?
No Longer Miscarrying His Promise
2018 Mar 2656m 2s
Not long ago the Lord began to speak to me about how his people were “miscarrying his promise” in the spheres of influence he had given them. I felt like the Lord was showing me that we are pregnant with the Kingdom of Heaven and full of the life of God waiting to be poured out into creation, but many had either brought to term a lifeless work, or that work had been birthed too soon and could not be sustained. I felt the sorrow, passion, and longing of the Father for ALL of heaven, planted as a seed in the people of God, to come to life in its fullness.
Un-Trumped: Understanding & Living Un-Trumped (Episode Seven)
2017 Nov 161h 11s
This, our final installment of Un-Trumped, we offer some practical advice on how to live without the experience of trying to “trump” other people, or be “trumped” by them. And no, I’m not talking about the president.
Un-Trumped: Humbling Our Hearts, Speaking Out (Episode Six)
2017 Nov 091h 8m 31s
This week on Un-Trumped I share my personal stories hearing God speak to me about Donald Trump. This is a vulnerable account of my experiences hearing God as I understand him and seeing many of the things I heard come to pass. Below are links to the national words I reference in the podcast. Please know that just because I heard these following words during 2015  and they resonated with me, does not mean I endorse or agree with everything else the following leaders have said or done.
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