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Welcome to The Bullpen. Where the two washed up Community College Pitcher's shoot the breeze about sports and anything else that comes to mind! Join the Hosts Chris and Mondo every week on Thursday! Enjoy!


29 - Analytics Shmanalitics
2021 Apr 081h 3m 28s
Welcome to the 29 edition of The Bullpen. The guys review the final four games, and the championship game of the NCAA tourney. Chris and Mondo talk about baseball, and the BS that is analytics, or so Chris says. Finally, The Masters are back!
28 - The State that Looks like a Slice of Pizza
2021 Apr 0248m 2s
March madness. Mondo sucks at gambling. Chris has irrational confidence. Mario Madness. A messy intro, and much more! Enjoy!
27 - Chubby Goofy Bastard
2021 Mar 2559m 50s
After a week off the guys are back for a recap of the first weekend of the NCAA March Madness tourney. Pickin games, and the usual BS. Enjoy!
26 - Lizard People
2021 Mar 111h 3m 36s
It's the weeks leading up to March Madness. What did you expect other than an episode of total randomness. From Golf talk, to South Park references and some hotel stories along the way. Enjoy!
25 - "Yo Walt"
2021 Mar 041h 19m 3s
Ahhhh we have reached the point in the sports calendar year where literally nothing is exciting... One today's show the guys talk about a 6ft and under NBA league, Chris Abdul-Jabbar, Russian Wrestling Basketball (look it up) and some nonsense about little league. As always other nonsense, and of course bad jokes along the way. Enjoy!
24 - "Just Shut Your Mouth"
2021 Feb 251h 18m 1s
On today's show the guys talk about the Genesis Invitational, and Tiger Woods. Also in the first half, the Mariner's are a joke. Zoom calls claim another victim. In the second half of the show, Mondo talks about the greatest show in the history of shows "The Curse of Oak Island". Finally Lou Holtz, and a few other twists along the way!
23 - "A Fish Named Sushi"
2021 Feb 181h 8m 44s
On today's podcast, the guys share some funny drunk stories. Sports? Yeah, the guys don't know what to do with themselves after football season. Trade rumors. Chris gets mad at Brandon Marshall and CBS. Also, Russell WIlson = Ricky Bobby. Enjoy!
22 - "The Heating Pad Pod"
2021 Feb 111h 10m 33s
On today's show, Superbowl recap. The beginning of the post football season depression. Chris has a great idea how to sneak on the field during a baseball game. The guys talk college hoops and much more! Enjoy!
21 - "Stonkland! The paper hands podcast"
2021 Feb 041h 18m 57s
On today's show the guys have their first interview, with resident stonk enthusiast... Larry. Chris begins the interview with the worlds longest question. We get the inside scoop on everything stonk. Second part of the show is super bowl talk with of course means Bologna and Kardashian talk. Next, Pee-wee football and the 10 run rule. Finally, the most effective swear word + book talk. Enjoy!
20 - " Slotty Miller "
2021 Jan 281h 6m 53s
Episode 20, milestone? Nahhh not really. On today's podcast the guys talk about the NFC/AFC championship games. Mondo has a major screw up. The guys talk a what could have been... and of course talk about stocks. Who you got? AMC? Gamestop? Blackberry? Nokia? or all of the above! As always enjoy. Get in touch with the show @thebullpenpod on instagram, and thebullpenpod@gmail.com