Bluntfully ReShae - My Deeply Spoken Truth- Self Awareness And Self Love
  • Ashlee R Croft
4 episodes
Life is a challenge. Period. We deal with controversial challenges on a daily basis...we just don't realize it. From money, relationships to society, ReShae sheds light on issues and topics herself and many people struggle with in everyday life. Speaking bluntly unveiling deep thoughts while challenging her audience to perspectives, motivation, and goals. ReShae has learned that growth comes when you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. Just keep in mind...she does not sugar coat. Subscribe and learn something. Support this podcast:


Breaking the Shackled Black Mind
2020 Aug 0231m 4s
ReShae explains the challenges the black community faces with change and the mind set many have stayed trapped in for decades and how it is all a part of a plan. She challenges and motivates her listeners on how to change.
Black Lives Matter - Recognize it
2020 Jul 2738m 53s
ReShae takes the time to remember a lot of black people who were killed by police officers, the reason for their deaths, action taken and bluntly explains her views with the justice system and challenges her black community with the system providing insight to black people's way of thinking. Learn something. Site addressed in this episode:
Black Lives Matter - The Unchanged Change
2020 Jul 2327m 14s
ReShae bluntly expresses her take with protesting for Black Lives Matter and the system that does not care on the efforts attempted by the black community wanting equality. She makes some triggering comments and provides great points within and outside the black community. You might learn something.
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