The Conversation of Art
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Host Emma Priester Talks to artists and curators in all types of the field from all around the world about their artwork, what inspires them, and their ideas for the future.


Drew Pettifer
2021 Jan 2126m
In this weeks podcast your host, Emma Priester, talks to Melbourne based artist Drew Pettifer about his work as an artist and as a curator, and how he combines these two fields of creative...
Kerry Tenbey (2/2)
2021 Jan 1726m 44s
In this second part of the chat with Kerry Tenbey we talk about ideas of the future, the effect of covid on our life as artists and black lives matterlinks:
Kerry Tenbey (1/2)
2021 Jan 1424m 47s
This week your host, Emma Priester, chats with Kerry Tenbey about her art practice, being an artist and a mother, vegan food and loads more!links:
Abel Enklaar (2/2)
2021 Jan 1025m 52s
In this second part of my talk with Abel Enklaar we talk about his recent work and interests; such as the multi headed slime; music, the meaning of life and technology. Excuse my scratchy voice, I had had a few drinks with my support bubble the previous...
Abel Enklaar (1/2)
2021 Jan 0725m 50s
This week your host, Emma Priester, will be talking to Dutch, multidisciplinary artist Abel Enklaar about his work. In this first episode we discuss previous projects, and in the second part that will be out on Sunday, we discuss his interests and...
Kat Spence
2020 Dec 1725m
In this weeks episode host Emma Priester talks to artist/curator Kat Spence! The episode was recorded over zoom, hence some small connection issues, but we have done our best to edit it with the highest quality without losing too much of the interesting...
Sam de Freitas (2/2)
2020 Dec 1322m 8s
This extra episode is the second part of my interview with Sam de Freitas. If you havent listened to the first part of the interview yet, I strongly recommend scrolling back to that one first to have a...
Sam de Freitas (1/2)
2020 Dec 1023m 37s
This weeks interview is with Sam deFreitas, and this interview was so interesting even, that I have devided it into two separate episodes. Not to worry, the second part of the interview will be up in just a few days, as I will post it in an extra...
Hannah Moulds
2020 Dec 0326m 42s
In this episode, Emma Priester talks with Hannah Moulds, about her work, inspirations, and expectations for the...
Katrín Björg Gunnarsdóttir
2020 Nov 2631m 22s
In this episode, host Emma Priester talks with Islandic sound artist Katrín Björg Gunnarsdóttir about her work and...