Your Daily English Dose
  • Drielle Paetznick
11 episodes
In this podcast you will train your English listening skills. I will talk about random topics, and in my normal speech pace!


Let's talk about the book of mormon
2021 Mar 1217m 35s
Yes, I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ and I am not trying to convince you to batiptize, I am merely sharing a story from the book of Mormon, a story that I am currently reading. I hope you enjoy!
Will you forgive me?
2021 Feb 2210m 45s
Thank you so much for your patience.
Where's the love
2020 Dec 0915m 4s
Hello, Today another deep talk about: love.
The sacrifices I made
2020 Dec 0621m 27s
Hello my good people. In this podcast I talk about the sacrifices I had to make throughout my life.
Some slangs in English
2020 Nov 219m 32s
Hello everyone,
We need to dream and be realistic
2020 Nov 1017m 22s
Hello guys,
English Lesson - Shopping
2020 Nov 0619m 27s
For those who don't know me, I am Drielle, Brazilia, but I live in the USA now and I teach English online!
I need help with the dishes!!!
2020 Nov 019m 41s
Who would've thought that my husband would complaint about cleaning the house?
Prepositions in English
2020 Nov 019m 10s
In this podcast I explain about: What are prepositions;
Frustrations and how I cope
2020 Oct 3114m 33s
In this podcast I shared about my feelings during this week. Frustration is not something simple to overcome and I wanted to share my feelings and thoughts!