Proving It Plant Based
  • Natalie Falco
21 episodes
The Proving It Plant Based Podcast exists to explain and demystify the lifestyle around plant based eating. Join Natalie Falco, vegan nutrition coach and fitness trainer, as we dive into what it takes to transition into a plant based lifestyle and all the health and fitness benefits that come from it. Each episode dives into breaking through mindset barriers, how to eat in a healthy holistic way, all while fueling your fitness goals through plant based foods.


20. How to Ditch the Dairy Once and For All
2021 Apr 1227m 13s
The biggest misconception often heard from people who want to go plant based, is their fear of not being able to ditch the dairy. Cheese, milk, ice cream, and many other foods that contain trace amounts of dairy, tend to be the thing that stops so many from making the change. In this episode we narrow it down to simple action items to take when finally making the decision to ditch the dairy.
19. What is Pescatarian and Vegetarian?
2021 Apr 0538m 27s
In this episode we dive into the differences between a pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan diet and why cutting out meat only may not be as beneficial as you might think. We cover the controversies on the industries producing our meat, fish, and dairy, how they are all connected and how they impact our health and our environment.
18. Interview with Kaylin Fillippelli - Stop Playing Small
2021 Mar 2954m 50s
My good friend Kaylin joins us in this episode to talk all things macros tracking, being a mom, stepping into your calling, and so much more. Kaylin is a full time mom, career woman, instructor and coach, who not only changes the lives of many women but also practices what she preaches. Find Kaylin on Instagram at @kaylinfillipelli
17. How Much Protein Do We Actually Need?
2021 Mar 2241m 15s
Protein is always a hot topic is the fitness and nutrition space. Why? Because it seems to have been put on a pedestal when it comes to building and maintaining muscle. While it is a key macronutrient and essential for building and repairing muscle, we may be consuming more protein than we actually need. We dive into this topic and cover how marketing and selling has influenced our buying behaviors, and also how you can make some swaps today for plant based proteins such as tofu, beans, lentils, tempeh, and much more. Listen in to hear an honest conversation about how protein may or may not be helping you reach your fitness goals.
16. Working Through Body Image Issues and Finding Self Love
2021 Mar 1532m 38s
Self love and body image is a hot topic these days, especially in the coaching space. It is the most neglected area of fitness coaching in my opinion. In order to be at peace with our bodies, food, and exercise, we must be accepting of our fitness journey and where we are at right now. In this episode, we dive into body positivity and mindset, through finding the self love and appreciation for all that our bodies can do. Find our free Facebook community at
15. Interview with Alyssa Pannozzi on Authenticity
2021 Mar 0852m 31s
This week on the Proving It Plant Based Podcast, we talk with guest, Alyssa Pannozzi, on her role as a fitness instructor, influencer, and all around jack of all trades at Rev'd Cycling. Alyssa talks about her journey through her past career and life prior to Rev'd Cycling, how she found her passion and spreads her positivity. Alyssa has impacted so many lives of those around her and continues to do so on a daily basis. We talk about serving others and continuing to show up for those around you, because you never know who might need it. She is a powerhouse female and radiates  positivity and authenticity in everything she does. Find Alyssa on instagram at
14. The 4 Different Types of Vegans
2021 Mar 0237m 27s
In this week’s episode we cover the difference between a whole food diet and vegan diet, as well as the 4 types of vegans. The most common mistake people make when transitioning to vegan is their assumption that every vegan must be healthy. Like any lifestyle change, there are right and wrong ways to do it. Listen in to hear the difference in these four different types of diets and which one may be worth trying. Join in our free Facebook community at
13. What is Intuitive Eating?
2021 Feb 1518m 18s
In this episode Natalie breaks down what intuitive eating is and how it can be beneficial in getting out of the diet mindset. By putting these top tips into practice, we allow ourselves to break free from diet cycling, trendy diet fads, and instead tuning into our bodies and what we’re feeling. Listen in to find out how intuitive eating can be a great solution when it comes to finding balance in your life and nutrition goals.
12. Client Spotlight Conversation with Rosalyn Arias
2021 Feb 0857m 9s
Rosalyn Arias felt motivated and ready to crush her fitness goals at the start of 2020, and then the pandemic hit. She tells us her journey of making small changes daily, to implementing strength training workouts, to eating more vegetables and more plant based. Through working together Rosalyn has seen a huge physical transformation, but the mental, spiritual and emotional transformation has been even greater. Follow her at @roz_love and join our free Facebook community at
11. Top 5 Nutrition Tips for New Moms
2021 Feb 0138m 52s
Motherhood can be messy and magical at the same time. No one can be prepared for it, but we must navigate it to the best of our abilities. The truth is it NEVER looks perfect, and it never ends up being what we expected, it’s better. But what about you? Baby is now priority, yet you still want to take care of yourself mentally and physically too. In this episode we dive into some simple and action taking steps that you can start immediately when it comes to your health and nutrition. Follow along in this personal journey of motherhood to setting priorities, asking for help, and navigated the highs and lows.