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Born out of late night conversations after (exactly) one too many in the complete dark, one guy decided to actually hit record on his voice memo app. ​ Many episodes and many guests later, Joe continues cracking a cold one with whoever he can get to sit on the other end of a microphone. It goes like this, three friends gather around the mics with a brand new six pack and talk about three random, sometimes completely unrelated topics. Truly, it's mayhem. But we're okay with that.


The Axe Imperial IPA
2021 Apr 161h 30m 35s
A new trio of seasoned guests join us this week. Jason and Matt have both been on the show before but never together. We throw the format out and just talk (and realize why we had a format to begin with). We talk black holes, movies everyone but Joe has seen, what the next pirate will be, and Matt gives a quick update on the Blaseball cinematic universe.
Destihl Brewing Lynnbrook Raspberry Berliner Weisse
2021 Mar 271h 28m 11s
Kelsey and Evan are back for their three-peat! We talk about the love hate relationships we have with cats, gathering motivation to exercise and institute healthy habits in 2021, and our plans for travel once we are safely vaccinated.
Yuengling Hershey Chocolate Porter
2021 Mar 131h 6m 23s
This week on Hot Topic, I mean "Hop" Topic, we partake in a blatant rip off of a popular internet series. Dan and Sam join me to eat spicy wings and play Truth or Dab, the admittedly not great game, filled with progressively hotter wings and even more lukewarm questions. Will we make it through all ten wings?
Thirsty Dog Brewing Raspberry Ale
2021 Feb 271h 37m 24s
Cam and Vince come back to revisit the movies we promised we'd watch last episode. Joe gives his take on The Notebook, while Vince talks through Your Name, we discuss what takes a movie from good to great and what we look for in a perfect movie. Then we transition to playing video games with groups of friends instead of alone, what we look for in an MMO, and games that are just made better with more people.
Tonewood Brewing Revolution Porter
2021 Feb 271h 39m 31s
This week Erik and Andrew are back for our second podcast of the year and our first major historical event of the year... yeah... we discuss the failed insurrection on Capitol Hill (12:00), Twitter (& others) banning Trump from their platforms (46:55), and finally, to settle down and bring some levity, we talk about Wonder Woman and the future of DC movies/TV shows and shows/movies that we're binging now (1:12:50).
Troegs Mad Elf
2021 Jan 091h 51m 51s
After a long holiday break we are back to ring in a new year! Aly joins us on todays episode to talk about the new year and just about everything else. We focus on the idea of replacing resolutions with "themes" and what we hope to make 2021 about!
Dogfish Head Campfire Amplifier
2020 Dec 191h 53m 57s
We have two new faces (voices?) on the podcast this week! Somehow I keep convincing new people to be around me, it's crazy really. Cam and Vince join us this week to drink some winter beer and talk about horror movies/old movies (13:40), something we bought that completely changed our lives (40:18), and finally the COVID-19 Vaccine (1:10:56).
Clover Blossom Traveler's Mead
2020 Dec 121h 49m 42s
Layal comes back this week for a one-on-one episode full of non-sequitors, and jumping through so many topics we couldn't even list them here. Suffice to say, we talk about relationships, what we're willing to put up with in a relationship, how we fight in a relationship, and ... just a lot of stuff about relationships.
Episode 50: Fjord Brewing Freya's Tears Amber Ale
2020 Dec 051h 44m 16s
We made it to FIFTY episodes! Absolutely insane. This week we're joined by the most regular cast, Dan and Sam to try some of Dan's home brewed beer and discuss some random topics. On this special episode, we discuss hobbies we picked up in quarantine that we plan on keeping afterward (14:30), TV shows we'd like to bring back (50:35), and we run through our Spotify 2020 Wrapped (1:09:13).
Two Roads Blueberry Lemon Gose
2020 Nov 281h 30m 31s
Two guests (who've never done episode together) return for this week's episode. Sam joins us, alongside Dave, making his first appearance in over a year. We talk about tipping points that made us quit our jobs (15:15), our favorite dinosaurs (52:00), and our favorite conspiracy theories (1:02:00).