• Saachi Narayan
4 episodes
Being human is hard. Lets navigate life together!


Emotion – Work with it, don't fight it!
2019 Sep 1811m 3s
Todays episode talks about emotion– their source, their complexity and how to deal with the difficult ones. Emotions vary not only on a spectrum from positive to negative but also in intensity or depth.
Trusting yourself
2019 Sep 035m 8s
I'll be talking about how the Impostor Syndrome is messing with your mind!
Being Present
2019 Aug 272m 39s
It is important for us to step out of our minds from time to time. Enjoy your body, enjoy being connected to the universe.
Finding Higher Meaning
2019 Aug 271m 11s
Hi and welcome to my podcast- How to Human. This is the introduction to the general tone of what this podcast is going to be like. Hope you enjoy it.
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