• Ango and Liv
3 episodes
Ever feel like you spend too much time on your phone?

Long-time screen enthusiasts Ango and Liv try and consciously uncouple from their technology, and experiment with old-school hobbies. Episodes contain waffle, mediocre takes and lots of content about Liv's mum.
From pottery to climbing, poetry to gardening - we'll be reporting back each week after our attempts to unpeel our eyeballs from our screens.

Find us @OffScreenPod on Twitter (we're fully aware of the irony).

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Learning Italian
2021 Jan 2135m 2s
Get ready for some not-so-fluent hopefully non-offensive Italian.
2020 Nov 1330m 38s
This week Ango and Liv take on pottery with *entertaining* consequences.
2020 Nov 0635m
Welcome to the first episode of our podcast!
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