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6 episodes
The American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPHO) Podcast. This 6-part series, The Road to Clinician Well-Being, focuses on various issues related to clinician wellness.


Perspectives on Physician Wellness
2021 Jan 2238m 17s
In the final installment of this series of ASPHOcast, ASPHO Well-Being Special Interest Group Chair Dr. Jonathan Fish and Vice Chair Dr. Adit Tal provide their perspectives on the larger physician wellness conversation. In reviewing previous episodes of ASPHOcast, they discuss the specific takeaways and recommendations as they relate to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology field.
Perspectives on Corporate Wellness
2021 Jan 1529m 17s
In the fifth episode of ASPHOcast, guest Anouk De Blieck discusses her perspectives on what medical teams can learn from corporate wellness. Anouk has nearly 30 years of experience in human resources and corporate wellness and currently serves as Chief People Officer at SoftServe, working in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Anouk is an internationally experienced and innovative HR change agent, skilled in the ability to optimize corporate teams, processes, and client engagement frameworks to secure corporate objectives. Her goal is to motivate all staff to deliver engaged and strategically focused performance, regardless of their role. Previously working with companies such as VISA and Citi, she brings a unique perspective to the physician wellness conversation.
Perspectives on Division and Department Culture
2020 Dec 1633m 13s
In the fourth episode of ASPHOcast, guest Dr. Mike Engel discusses his perspectives on division and department culture as it relates to clinician wellness, particularly as it relates to personal and professional integration. Dr. Engel is currently Professor of Pediatrics and Division Chief in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He also serves as Vice Chair of Pediatric Research at UVA.
Perspectives on Mindfulness and Grief
2020 Dec 1035m 18s
In the third installment of ASPHOcast, guest Lori Schwanbeck discusses various issues regarding mindfulness and grief, framed in a healthcare context. Lori brings emotional intelligence and mindfulness to diverse populations around the globe in her work as a mindfulness teacher, consultant, and clinical psychotherapist. Lori is a senior facilitator member with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, where she is a program designer and facilitator of mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings delivered internationally in corporate, healthcare, education, and government settings. One of her current projects is Mindfulness Rx, an evidence-based compassion and resilience program designed to address burnout and well-being for healthcare workers, which she has facilitated at Stanford, Valley Medical Center, and UCSF hospitals.
Perspectives on Physician Burnout and Mental Health
2020 Nov 1927m 42s
In the second installment of ASPHOcast, guest Dr. Margaret Rea discusses various issues regarding physician burnout and mental health, addressing well-being across the continuum of healthcare providers. Dr. Rea is a clinical psychologist and is the Director of Student and Resident Wellness at the UC Davis School of Medicine and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. She is responsible for overseeing wellness programs and services for medical students, nursing students, residents, and fellows. Dr. Rea has engaged in developing and providing mental health clinical services and wellness prevention programs for students, trainees, and faculty, providing her with in-depth experience in the many personal and systemic factors that impact clinician and physician well-being.
Perspectives on the Stanford Physician Wellness Model
2020 Nov 0727m 2s
In the first episode of ASPHOcast, guest Dr. Daniel Murphy discusses the physician wellness-related research and recommendations provided by the Stanford WellMD Center, as part of the Stanford WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model. Dr. Murphy is currently Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) and Co-Leader of the Well-Being Directors Council with WellMD at the Stanford University School of Medicine and has been involved with the Stanford WellMD Center since its inception. He also serves as Director of Ambulatory Care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.
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