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UChi In The Loop is a non-partisan, student-run organization that seeks to engage all members of the greater UChicago community with government at all levels through weekly news updates and education initiatives. The intention is for individuals to use facts to formulate their own opinions and form a better foundation to discuss government affairs with the overarching goal of creating a more civically engaged community. Join us in this podcast series as we aim to uncover the workings of our government at the federal, state, and city level!


Episode 6: Climate Change and Congress
2021 Apr 0141m 27s
As the 117th Congress begins to pass legislation, Nadya, Domenica, and Emily check in with Congressman Mike Quigley. They discuss the legislative process, environmental policy, and Chicago’s role in solving our climate crisis. Congressman Quigley...
Episode 5: Illinois Court System
2021 Mar 0125m 36s
Nadya and Domenica turn their attention to Illinois to explore the state court system in our March episode. They are joined by Agnes Bugaj to discuss the Illinois Attorney General's office, the court system, the differences between civil and criminal...
Episode 4: Progressive Messaging
2021 Feb 0534m 20s
As the Biden administration begins, Nadya and Domenica dive deep into communications and messaging strategy with progressive pollster Anat Shenker-Osorio. Shenker-Osorio is a communications and messaging expert who has advised a myriad of Democratic...
Episode 3: GOP Legislation and the Future of the Republican Party
2021 Jan 0141m 8s
As the election season draws to a close, we take a look at GOP legislation and the future of the Republican Party with Former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10). Rep. Comstock is a legendary GOP insider who was a lobbyist, member of the Virginia...
Episode 2: Chicago Criminal Justice Reform Policy
2020 Dec 0131m 13s
During these past few months, we have seen the Black Lives Matter movement emphasize the murders and injustices that Black individuals have been facing since before our country was founded. In The Loop wanted to take a deeper dive into concrete steps...
Episode 1: Illinois Election Security
2020 Nov 0129m 42s
With Election 2020 just two days away, UChi In The Loop wanted to take a closer look at how states are preparing for the election and specifically look at our home state, Illinois. This episode looks at the structures of the Illinois government in the...