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Truth & Life Urban Ministry is a place where faith and activism meet. Our goal is to bridge the gap between concepts of faith and fight for social justice and change. We are called by God to represent HIM in the earth and to declare that all men are called be free.


2021 Apr 0454m 6s
In our first Resurrection Sunday service Pastor Leon explains the why of salvation.
When It's Your Brother Pt. 1
2021 Mar 291h 34m 57s
In our series of Black Liberation Theology we discuss the aspects of betrayal and how it works and brings us to a crossroad.
Seeing Yourself In The Word
2021 Mar 211h 4m 34s
In our new series Black Liberation Theology we discuss the topic of finding ourselves in the word of God. You must own your faith if you are to live by it. Faith comes by hearing and doing. Our goal is let you know that black liberation theology is a theology of deliverance that will bring our people freedom by seeing themselves in the word of God. God doesn't require you to stop being black or give up your heritage. He asks that you embrace your divinity. Seeing yourself in the word will help you see yourself and the purpose of black liberation theology which is freedom.
What Is Black Liberation Theology
2021 Mar 091h 18m 18s
Our most important series has begun! It's time for Black Liberation Theology! In this series we discuss what Black Liberation Theology is and what it means to us as a church. Liberation and deliverance are synonymous. When we talk and speak Black Liberation Theology, we are speaking of an aspect of deliverance. God is beginning to deliver his people from old weapons and slave masters. Our time of deliverance has come and it has a theme that is unapologetic, it is Black Liberation Theology.
White Jesus The Greatest Lie And Weapon Of Racism
2021 Mar 091h 6m 56s
The weaponization of white Jesus has been used as a catalyst to promote the scourge of racism. However once you begin to see how the church gave way to it and allowed its ministers to be used by it you'll see that racism is a religion about control. The truth about the symbolism and messages will be factors that will free you from the bondages of inferiority. The learning about this history will decolonize your faith to celebrate who you are as a son or daughter of God, and most importantly as a person of color.
The Argument Of Conviction
2021 Feb 1441m 49s
The Argument Of Conviction brings the series Let No Man Put Asunder to a close. In order to be free from the opinions of people and controlling clergy there are four definitions you must know 1. Conviction, 2. Interpretation, 3. Belief, and 4. Theology. When you know what these definitions are you can begin to test or prove all things and to keep what is good and works for you. Don't let no man condemn what you do in the confines of your marriage and do not allow men to place fear upon you as well.
Sex, Sin, Preachers, & You
2021 Feb 071h
The continuation from the series Let No Man Put Asunder. Pastor Leon talks about sex, sin, and the view of some ministers. In this age God gives us all things richly to enjoy, that includes sex. Too many times we fall victim to convictions, theology, and beliefs about sex that actually bind us from the freedom to enjoy it. Don't let anyone's words not even the pastors words to stop you from enjoying sex with your spouse.
What Is My Marriage
2021 Jan 3153m 11s
In the series Let No Man Put Asunder part 3 details the 4 M's of marriage. God wants you to know what your marriage is. In order to know how to fix your marriage you must be aware to what your marriage is present day. God gives us wisdom and knowledge to learn how put our marriages in a position to have success in the future. Success is for those that will put the work in today for a brighter tomorrow.
The Importance Of Healing Before You Say I Do.
2021 Jan 241h 1m 37s
In the series Let No Man Put Asunder Pt. 2 we deal with the importance of healing before marriage. So many people enter into marriage depending upon their spouses to heal them in certain areas. However you have to ask yourself do you want to give that type of control to a person? Are you willing to let a person that may love you have that type of responsibility over you? The responsibility of healing falls in your lap not your spouse. God can heal you, but you must make the effort to seek HIM and trust that HE will do it.
Let No Man Put Asunder Pt. 1 The Office
2021 Jan 171h 5m 48s
The new series Let No Man Put Asunder will show you how to maneuver through seasons of life in your marriage. This first part is called The Office. Pastor Leon will show you the importance and the power behind the titles called husband and wife. These offices are just as important as the office of the president as well as offices of ministry. When you look at it this way you know many lives and people are connected to you. Fear not.