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Hi Mom
2021 Mar 26
Mark and Zak host Mark's mother Connie on the podcast to give her time to shine. With talks of Fantasy Football rivalries to what they would do with three wishes this episode tries to let everyone know just a little about the wonderful Connie. Listen enjoy and comment.
Episode 4: Landon vs Polar Bear
2020 Nov 24
On todays episode Mark and Zak sit down with a fellow named Landon. They talk about beer (of course), fishing, and just kicking butt all day everyday. Hang tight, enjoy, and subscribe!
Episode 3: Zak(ch) Squared
2020 Nov 19
Mark has no idea what to do when he is outnumbered by two men named Zak(ch). We find out what steaks are the best and how best to have them cooked for consumption. We find out what beer makes them want a sponsorship from more than any other and we find out what makes our friend Zach tick. Enjoy!
Episode 2: It’s Steven! Not Stephen
2020 Nov 18
Mark and Zak tackle their first ever guest of the show in a man named Steven! Mark and Zak send out 1092029039 different hail mary sponsorship pleas as they talk to Steven about life, beer, and football
Ep 1: Hi, Hello
2020 Nov 14
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