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Join the Geek Happy Network hosts and a rotating cast of guests as they venture through the lost pages of gamebooks (ie. Choose Your Own  Adventure Books). Will our heroes survive and make it to the next page? Or will they suffer a fate worse than death? It’s all about in choices, here, in An Adventure in Choosing.


Race Forever with Gaby Narciso (Hard Mode)
2019 Jan 2844m 12s
In today's episode, a recent adventurer of malls, Gaby Narciso, joins us on a journey to Kenya he must race a strange race and win the African rallies.  Will he survive the treacherous roads of Kenya or will he succumb to evil bad road snakes? Find out in today’s episode of An Adventure in Choosing.
Journey Under The Sea with Ken Ang
2019 Jan 1436m 49s
In today's episode, recent adventurer to Japan, Ken Ang, joins us in a journey under the sea where he must discover the secret world of Atlantis
The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (Re-release)
2018 Dec 3138m 25s
As we are away for the holidays this week, here's a blast from the not too distant past as we are re-releasing the original first episode of the show from more than a year ago. Enjoy!
Escape with Mike Nevada
2018 Dec 1752m 42s
Today's hero, Mike, goes on an adventure so not far, far away. As a leader of a resistance force fighting an oppressive government,  Mike must escape from captive and return the invasion plans of the enemy back home.
House of Danger with Iya Yujuico
2018 Dec 0344m 27s
Adventure in Choosing is back with a new host and a new format! Our new host will take today's hero, Iya, for a journey through the House of Danger. Will Iya find the magical secrets of the house? Will she find the aliens preparing for an invasion or will she meet demise from monkeys?
"The Academy" Sneak Peek #2
2018 Oct 285m 35s
Meet Sadie and Aiden when the first episode of the Academy premieres next week on October 31st.
"The Academy" Sneak Peek
2018 Oct 183m 46s
Meet Kay and Haylie as they make a mysterious discovery in their high school, Ebony Springs Academy.
Space and Beyond
2018 Mar 1023m 2s
Mike Nevada and his guest, Chib Santos, switch roles as they explore deep space. Will Mike find dinosaurs in space or will he be crushed by the weight of interdimensional space travel? Find out in today's episode!
The Lost Jewels of Nabooti
2018 Feb 2238m 25s
Mike Nevada and his guest, Chib Santos, attempt to go on an adventure and find the lost jewels of Nabooti. Will they find the long lost treasure or falter on their journey to it? Find out in today's episode!
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