Montessori Babies
  • Bianca A. Solorzano, M.Ed.
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Current research shows that the first couple years of life lay a developmental foundation for a lifetime! My name is Bianca from and I help parents, educators, and caregivers optimize Baby and Toddler Development through a Montessori lens. Let's journey through the world of Montessori Babies!


The AMI Montessori Assistants to Infancy Training: A Montessori Conversation
2021 Apr 1543m 12s
In Episode 11, we have a wonderful guest named Jodie Bato who graciously talks all about what we learn in the Birth - 3 AMI Montessori Training! This weeks episode is for Montessori parents, educators, and caregivers alike! We touch on...The AMI...
10 Amazing Facts of Positive Redirection in Montessori
2021 Apr 0128m 46s
In Episode 10, we talk all about Positive redirection and all the amazing things that it can offer our Montessori Practice with our babies and toddlers. We discuss things like...What is Positive Redirection?How To Use Positive Redirection/Positive...
Why You Need Observation in Your Montessori Lifestyle
2021 Mar 1827m 55s
In Episode 9, we jump into the who, what, where, when, and why behind Montessori Observation! In this episode, we touch on...What is Montessori Observation?How To Do Montessori ObservationTips to Evolve Your Montessori Observation SkillsWhat You Can...
The Truth About Fostering Independence in Babies and Toddlers
2021 Mar 0412m 10s
In Episode 8, I dive into one of the more controversial topics within Montessori Babies, fostering independence. In this short but info packed episode, we touch on...How to meet the needs infants and toddlersMontessori PedagogyErikson's First Stage of...
The First Three Months: A Montessori Conversation
2021 Feb 1835m 16s
In Episode 7, we talk about the realities of Montessori from birth to three months!  Episode 7 is an interview and conversation with an amazing Montessori Mother & Teacher, Stacey Dee. This weeks episode is for Montessori beginners and experts...
Baby Brain Facts To Understand the Absorbent Mind
2021 Feb 0414m 56s
In Episode 6, we touch on some foundational brain development ideas to understand Dr. Montessori’s concept of the Absorbent Mind!In this episode, we discuss:Montessori's First Plane of DevelopmentThe Absorbent MindUnderstanding Brain Development &...
What is Montessori Weaning?
2021 Jan 2028m 51s
In Episode 5, we talk all about Montessori Weaning and touch on all wonderful and exciting the subtopics within this topic!In this episode, we discuss:What is Montessori Weaning?Solid Food IntroductionOptimizing Development During Feedings Using...
Evolving Your "Montessori Practice"
2021 Jan 0710m 59s
In Episode 4, we talk all about evolving your Montessori Practice & why I encourage you to shift your mindset to a "Montessori Practice" approach.  Episode 4 is a short and sweet episode but one that is very important to my mindset in my Montessori...
Intro to Optimizing Baby and Toddler Language Development
2020 Dec 2425m 54s
In Episode 3, we talk all about optimizing language development in infants and toddlers!  Episode 3 is an interview with an expert in the field of language acquisition, Carlos Solorzano. This weeks episode is for Montessori beginners and experts alike!...
How To Begin Implementing Montessori in Infancy and Toddlerhood
2020 Dec 1047m 7s
In Episode 2, we jump straight into my tips on how to begin implementing Montessori with Babies and Toddlers! We touch on the  main points that I have found are an amazing foundation for a Montessori practice with babies and toddlers, regardless of...