Awaken To Your Body's Wisdom
  • Adrianne Vangool
18 episodes
Join Adrianne Vangool Physiotherapist and Yoga Therapist as she explores how we can live a life on purpose with purpose by listening to our body's cues. Awakening to the wisdom that lies within. Ending each podcast with a mindful moment and meditation.


Adrianne with Dr. Kate Johnson on connection and finding ourselves over and over again
2021 Apr 031h 18m 6s
Join Adrianne as she speaks with Dr. Kate Johnson MD, a Radiation Oncologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She discusses her integrative approach to working with patients and how she connects with them to find the care plan that is right for them. She shares her own personal journey with pain and her process of moving through it and what she discovered along the way.
Adrianne with Joletta Belton on sharing our stories and being known
2021 Mar 2755m 20s
Adrianne speaks with Joletta Belton on the importance of sharing our stories and being known. Jo is a storyteller and advocate and for advancing the integration of the lived experience into the study, research, and treatment of pain . She makes sense of her own pain through science and stories on her blog, She is Co-chair of the Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (GAPPA), a task force of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). She is an author of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, including the first chapter of 'Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain', and is the first Patient and Public Partnerships Editor for the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy.
Adrianne with Marlysa Sullivan on Polyvagal Theory, Mean and Purpose, and Cultivating Resilience in Pain Care
2021 Mar 2046m 33s
Maryla Sullivan is a physiotherapist and yoga therapist who balances clinical research and practice with education, speaking, and writing. She is the author of Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Well-being and co-editor of Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain, as well as several peer-reviewed articles. In this episode we discuss how the Polyvagal Theory and Yoga Methodology can be used to help individuals with pain develop resiliency and move toward improved management. Finding the path back to meaning and purpose.
Adrianne with Andrew Hartman on living with pain, self-advocacy, and supporting others through Psystem.
2021 Mar 131h 22m 43s
Andrew Hartman (They/Them) is a proud queer, Métis individual born and raised here on Treaty Six Territory and the Homeland of the Métis. Andrew has been living with persistent pain since they were 15 years old. They provide a beautiful perspective on how to navigate the health system, and share their journey with living with pain. Their PhD work informing the journey and they share how they are now supporting others who live with pain through their business platform Psystem.
Adrianne with Shelly Prosko on Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the person in pain. Part2
2021 Mar 061h 9m 4s
Adrianne and Shelly sit down for Part 2 of their conversation on Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the person in pain. Shelly shares how Yoga can be an effective system to work with individuals in pain. She and her colleagues are passionate about improving pain literacy. To purchase her book and to stay up to date on her latest offerings and public speaking see below link to her website and TEDX video.
Adrianne with Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel
2021 Feb 1455m 25s
Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel is a life long runner, activist, and executive director and founder of Rising Hearts Organization. Rising Hearts is an Indigenous-led grassroots group working to dismantle white supremacy and racism, rebuild a better future and elevate Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Immigrant, Two Spirit, LGBTQ+, & Non-binary voices. Jordan is a professional athlete who runs with purpose, raising awareness about the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous womxn, girls, two-spirit and relatives.
Adrianne with Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann on leadership, being the first, and the tension required for change
2021 Feb 061h 2m 57s
Dr. Jaqueline Ottmann is Anishinaabe from Fishing Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan. Jacqueline became Professor and Vice-Provost Indigenous Engagement at the University of Saskatchewan in 2017 and has studied and often dedicated her efforts to systems of change. Her career has encompassed many firsts. She is currently the first Indigenous person to become President of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. We discussed her approach to leadership, her connection to her sense of purpose, and the tension that is necessary for change.
Adrianne with Sara on being your authentic self in business and in life.
2021 Jan 301h 4m 47s
From nurse to business owner. Sara Agah Franti is a powerhouse who embodies living a life on purpose with purpose, with authenticity and integrity. She co-founded the 'Do it for the Love' Foundation, co-leads Soul Rocker retreats in Bali, is a public speaker, and owns Lua, a jewelry line designed to remind you to live free and love yourself exactly as you are. Sara and Michael have just launched a clothing line called 'Stay Human'. She is an amazing mom to her son and shares her journey postpartum. She offers so much guidance in how we can re-define what it is to be feminine, "I can be strong, and that can be my sweetness."
Adrianne with Helen on anti-racism advocacy, education, & epistemic exploitation
2021 Jan 101h 6m 50s
Join Adrianne as she talks with Helen Vangool, an educator, influencer, and anti-racism advocate. Helen is passionate about creating meaningful change in our systems. Making them safer for BIPOC & Indigenous peoples. She has created a resource to help educators and parents learn how to talk and educate about race at home and in the classroom.
Adrianne with Valerie on Yoga a Path to Reclamation and the Vibrant Life Collective
2021 Jan 011h 3m 59s
Valerie Ritchie is a Yoga Instructor, studio owner and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She has taught in person yoga classes, workshops and retreats for over a decade. Valerie is the founder of Vibrant Life Collective, an online yoga community dedicated to black women and women of colour who want to replenish their souls through yoga and meditation. She takes a holistic approach to yoga, using the Chakra system as a blueprint to help women on their way to replenishing their souls. "Because reclamation cannot happen unless we've healed our inner child. Unless we have reconciled and reclaimed our power and connection to our internal wisdom."- Valerie Richie.