I Moved To LA, Now What?
  • Melissa
13 episodes
So you moved to LA to be in the Entertainment Industry and you don’t know what to do now. This podcast will give you some insight on how people are making it out here. Give it a listen!


Episode 7: Dealing With Envy
2020 Nov 2716m 28s
Back again with another episode! In episode 7, I explore what it means to be envious in the creative space. What do you do when you can feel that you’re envious of a fellow artist, or even a celebrity? Don’t forget to follow me @melannealva on Instagram for bonus content.
Bonus Episode 6: First Video Podcast
2020 Oct 147m 1s
This is the first bonus episode I’ve filmed and the first episode that I’ve filmed in a long time! I want to start having a video component to my workout episodes from now on. I’m also setting up a recording studio in my closet! Watch this episode on IGTV @melannealva
Episode 6: When Everything Goes Wrong
2020 Aug 3020m 27s
Another episode! We’re on a roll. In this episode I talking about pivoting when nothing you creatively planned goes right. You’re art will only work if it’s flexible.
Episode 5: How To Avoid A Creative Rut
2020 Aug 2426m 11s
In this episode I talk about the aftermath of leaving Texas and getting settled in LA again. I could feel myself sliding into a creative rut. In this episode I talk about why ruts happen and how you can stop it from happening before it begins. Our creativity is like a relationship, it’s going to take a lot of work.
Bonus Episode 5: Leaving Texas
2020 Aug 1935m 9s
The bonus episodes are a behind the scenes of my podcast. In this episode I talk about the new film equipment I bought in Texas, and how it compares to my set up in LA. Does the audio quality sound different than the other bonus episodes?
Episode 4: Accepting Your Passions
2020 Aug 1617m 19s
In this episode I talk about following the passion your really want to pursue instead of waiting on the right time or amount of money. I talk about objectives, super objectives, and why you shouldn’t pursue something just because you want to make money!
Episode 3: Is Talent Real
2020 Aug 0821m 28s
In this episode I ponder if talent is real or not. What that means for me and creatives alike. I mention Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio and others as examples to this debate. Listen to find out if talent is real or not! Also start thinking about whether you think it’s real or not.
Episode 2: Being The Ambitious Friend
2020 Aug 0212m 3s
In this episode I talk about being the ambitious friend in your friend group. I go over basically the cons of this and what results when you’re the most ambitious person you know. This episode is all edit HEAVY. How does it sound?? Let me know @melannealva.
Episode 1: Creative During Covid
2020 Jul 2523m 43s
In the first episode of I Moved To LA, Now What? I say fuck it and upload a segment during Covid. Find out how I’m creating during quarantine.
Bonus Episode Update
2020 Jun 271m 6s
I’m back!!! Here’s a little teaser for what’s to come. This summer there will be more episodes!