We. Admit. Nothing.
  • Christian Jennings
8 episodes

Welcome to We Admit Nothing! A podcast that celebrates the unpolished, the unfiltered and the all-around rough around the edges,  not so professional, professionals.

Co-hosts CJ and Monica pull back the curtains and tell all.


Ep. 8 - Trimming the Fat
2021 Jan 2534m 43s
Good news, New Years Resolutions, cutting the fat and time to get real.
Ep. 7 - Christmas Traditions and Fuckery
2021 Jan 011h 4m 23s
In this episode, we talk about Christmas Traditions and seamlessly segue into a segment we call - "get it off your chest!"
Ep. 6 - Buzz Ballz
2020 Dec 141h 2m 17s
For this episode, we mixed a bit of a product review (i.e. an excuse to drink) with some thoughts around current experiences.
Ep. 5 - Topic Roulette - Sela - Part 2
2020 Dec 021h 17m 50s
The second half of that faithful night's recording where we decide to "Keep it Real". Hosts CJ & Monica, along with special guest Sela use wine as our truth serum.
Ep. 4 Topic Roulette Part 1
2020 Nov 2441m 32s
In this episode hosts Monica and CJ are joined by special guest Sela for a little topic roulette. OK, so we threw some topics in a bowl and randomly chose them as we went. Enjoy, you Fucks!
Ep. 3 - Drunk
2020 Nov 1745m 14s
Butt play, squirting, soul mates veterans, hair stylists, turkey calling and more. Ep. 3 is one big drunken ramble but we're publishing it any way
Ep. 2 - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
2020 Nov 131h 3m 44s
title credits to Mark Manson - awesome book, BTW. In this episode we talk about The subtle art of not giving a fuck but really, what we focus on is something we'll refer to as In command, but out of control. How do you handle this shit? No really, how? We're still trying to figure it out.
Ep. 1 We. Admit. Nothing
2020 Nov 0957m 53s
In this episode, Monica and CJ dip their toe in a little bit of everything to give their audience a taste of what's to come
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