12 episodes
Sit back, tune in, and let these Deep Cuts wash over you in an awesome wave.

During our time together I will share with you some personal favorites from my vinyl record collection.

We will listen to a wide array of rock, classic, progressive, indie, several shades of rock. From vintage to modern.

We will also have conversations with community members about the music that inspires them to create.

From time to time there might even be a pearl of wisdom or funny story that you pick up. Maybe you'll even learn something.

It's just a simple little radio show for my analog friends living in a digital world.


2020 Aug 071h 55m 26s
On this very special episode of Deep Cuts we broadcast live from the Forest Ave Promenade. Enjoy this open air edition of Deep Cuts and practice your social distancing skills!
045 Deep Cuts | The Non Hard Flaming Bulletin
2020 Jul 092h 2m 47s
On this episode we feature The Flaming Lips modern classic and melodic masterpiece the Soft Bulletin. The atmosphere of this album and soundscape are lush and to me a delight to listen to.
#002 Deep Cuts | Independence Day Edition, July 3rd 2014
2020 Jul 091h 3m 2s
Come celebrate Independence Day with us as we spin some good old fashioned american vinyl. We've got tunes to grill to and later on in the evening fireworks and ice cream!
#003 Deep Cuts - Feeling Proggy
2020 May 051h 7m 11s
feeling proggy we set the controls for the heart of the sun with some vintage Pink Floyd vinyl and say Yes to the gates of delirium on this week's episode of Deep Cuts from July 2014 we reach into the archives yet again to provide you with another stimulating podcast for your auditory enjoyment. So sit back, relax and allow these Deep Cuts to wash over you in awesome wave...
#001 Deep Cuts - The Debut
2020 May 021h 6m 7s
This is the very first episode of Deep Cuts, from way back in good ol' 2014.
#117 Deep Cuts – Chris Cornell and Christine
2017 Jun 211h 58m 29s
On this, the 117th episode of Deep Cuts we are joined by longtime super fan and resident grunge expert Christine to celebrate the life and music of the late Chris Cornell.  We play some Deep Cuts from Chris's entire career including his solo work (killer covers of Billie Jean and Imagine) as well as his […]
#3: Deep Cuts – Deadtober with Caroline, Dave, Joel, Howard, and Jay
2016 Oct 221h 59m 19s
On this episode of Deep Cuts, we keep on truckin' through the month of Deadtober. This episode features a special guest host Caroline from Caroline's Cause Corner.  Caroline brings her friend Dave on we are Grateful to be joined by luminaries from the Grateful Dead's circle including best selling author  Joel Selvin, who has penned […]
#2: Deep Cuts – Deadtober with Billy and Richard Listen to Terrapin Station
2016 Oct 221h 55m 39s
Join us for the second installment of Deadtober on Deep Cuts where we are joined by the one and only Billy Fried of Laguna Talks a longtime Deadhead to celebrate the music of the Grateful Dead, we listen to the Terrapin Station suite and so much more.  We discuss what it means to be a […]
#1: Deep Cuts- Deadtober with Van and Richard
2016 Oct 221h 59m 42s
Listen in with us to our first episode of Deadtober as we celebrate the music and community of The Grateful Dead as well as a lifelong friendship between two Deadheads, Richard and Van. We listen to some of the Deep Cuts from the Day of The Dead boxed set and so much more. So sit […]
#77: Deep Cuts – A Celebration of British Music
2016 Jun 161h 56m 40s
On this episode of Deep Cuts, we welcome two real live English people, mother and daughter Lyn and Laura to the program to celebrate some of the most amazing music to ever come out of the UK. Naturally, it's all on vinyl. We also find out what the deal is with the whole keep calm […]