• Lockdown
3 episodes
Lockdown is a three-part podcast series that investigates Marquette University’s Schroeder Hall quarantine. A surge in COVID-19 cases forced students living in the dorm into a mandatory two week quarantine. The series follows two students currently living in Schroeder who discuss their Marquette careers, quarantine experience, and the impact the quarantine had on them. We also talk to members of Schroeder Hall’s administration and other Marquette professionals who offer insight regarding the decision to quarantine.


Episode 3
2020 Nov 2112m 40s
In this episode we wrap up the podcast by speaking to Pat and Anna about their experience leaving quarantine. We also speak to Dr. Jodi Blahnik a Senior Psychologist at Marquette’s Counseling Center; she offers advice on how to stay healthy mentally and physically to anyone facing a potential quarantine. We also share a fun story from Schroeder’s quarantine. Be sure to check it out!
Lockdown Episode 2
2020 Nov 127m 44s
In this episode I explore the two weeks that students spent quarantining in Schroeder Hall. I ask them about how they found out they were going to be placed in quarantine, what they did to prepare, and what they did to pass the time. I also spoke with two members of the Schroeder staff, Fr. Jose Miguel Jaramillo and Megan Heeder. They explained why the building quarantined and how they prepared.
Lockdown Episode 1
2020 Oct 208m 12s
The first episode of a three-part podcast series on Marquette’s Schroeder Hall quarantine. In this episode we meet two Schroeder residents. We hear about their Marquette lives leading up to the Schroeder Hall quarantine and how they felt about returning to their dorm at the beginning of the semester. We also hear from Schroeder’s Hall Minister, Megan Heeder. She discusses the guidelines Schroeder put in place to limit the spread of the virus and how students responded in the first few weeks of the year
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.