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From the Front Row Network comes the first and last word in pop culture drafting. Movies, TV, comic books, video games and much more! Host Phil Rockwell takes an all-star panel through 10 rounds and it's up to you the audience to decide who wins. Are you ready to draft some teams?!?!


Ep. 8 – Oscars Draft 2020
2020 Feb 09
Download the episode. After a long hiatus, #PopCultureDraftNight is back with one of our favorite episodes of the year: The Annual Oscars Draft! The teams are assembled and we’ll see this Sunday which one reigns victorious.WATCH THE OSCARS WITH US AT OUR 2ND ANNUAL OSCARS VIEWING PARTY AT THE HOOGLAND CENTER FOR THE ARTS.https://bit.ly/2Re76mgREAD OUR … Continue reading Ep. 8 – Oscars Draft 2020 →
Ep. 7 – Ghosts Draft
2019 Oct 28
Download the episode. It’s Halloween time and POP CULTURE DRAFT NIGHT is going after the entire spectral realm to see who can make the best team of pop culture ghosts! If you think you know where this draft is going, trust us that you have no idea. Vote for who you think won at the … Continue reading Ep. 7 – Ghosts Draft →
Ep. 6 – Stephen King Adaptations Draft
2019 Sep 06
Download the episode. With the release of It: Chapter 2, POP CULTURE DRAFT NIGHT saw it fit to take a look at the undisputed king of modern horror Stephen King and draft teams based on the adaptations of his work. This draft goes in many different directions! Vote for who you think won at the link … Continue reading Ep. 6 – Stephen King Adaptations Draft →
Ep. 5 – From Here To There Draft
2019 Aug 03
Download the episode. POP CULTURE DRAFT NIGHT is back with one of the most unique drafts you’re ever going to see. In the pop culture world, it’s so important to figure out how to get from point A to point B. There are many methods you can choose, but some are just inherently way cooler … Continue reading Ep. 5 – From Here To There Draft →
Ep. 4 – Summer Box Office 2019 Draft
2019 Jun 10
Download the episode. With the Summer movie season officially on us, it’s time for our annual tradition at POP CULTURE DRAFT NIGHT: 4 teams, 10 movies each, most money wins. It’s time for the Summer Box Office Draft! FEATURING: Phil Rockwell, Randi Rockwell, Megan Rockwell & Andrew Rockwell __________________________________________ CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!!! www.frnpod.com We … Continue reading Ep. 4 – Summer Box Office 2019 Draft →
Ep. 3 – Game of Thrones Season 8 Deadpool Draft
2019 Mar 30
Download the episode. The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. The final 6 episodes promise to be incredibly intense and bloody. So here at PCDN, we’re going all in with a deadpool draft of who we think is least likely to be standing at the end. Featuring: Phil Rockwell, Jeremy … Continue reading Ep. 3 – Game of Thrones Season 8 Deadpool Draft →
Ep. 2 – Oscars Draft Postgame
2019 Mar 27
Download the episode. The first episode of POP CULTURE DRAFT NIGHT was our 2019 Oscars draft. Since the ceremony, we have tallied the results and are ready to crown the champion of our first ever DRAFT! Featuring: Phil Rockwell __________________________________________ CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE!!! www.frnpod.com We are also now on Instagram! Just search for “The … Continue reading Ep. 2 – Oscars Draft Postgame →
Ep. 1 – Academy Award 2019 Nominees
2019 Feb 20
Download the episode. The Front Row Network is proud to launch the newest show in our ever-growing stable of content creators: Pop Culture Draft Night. On this show, host Phil Rockwell leads the discussion as various guests attempt to assemble the best team of any of his truly unique and unthinkably crazy categories. In the first … Continue reading Ep. 1 – Academy Award 2019 Nominees →
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