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your favorite token women of color that talk about anything and everything that's on their minds. :-)


ep #10 - we're not special, but we are
2021 Mar 181h 13m 29s
we truly are NOT special… but…….. we are.
ep #9 - fans, stans, and everything in betweens
2021 Mar 021h 7m 32s
stan culture is something we were very much involved with in the past and even a bit to this day. it all started with 5 british men…… who would’ve known. anyways, we talk about our experiences with stan culture and what we hated for no valid reason due to us partaking in stan culture. this one goes out to the “stan loona” users on twitter. anyways, stan two poc peas in a pod.
ep #8: the internet - where personalities are born
2021 Feb 141h 37m 3s
uhhhh hey……..
ep #7: 2020 wrap up
2020 Dec 301h 4m 39s
SURPRISE!! y'all finally see our faces in this ep (even though no one asked...)
ep #6: stranger danger
2020 Dec 261h 11m 3s
omegle is a very… interesting place. in this episode, we talk about a bunch of our memorable omegle encounters with people throughout the years. we WISH we could tell y’all the really nsfw stories but that’s for another time.
ep #5: i bin haveing a hard time living
2020 Dec 0858m 32s
life is truly hard. in this episode, we talk about how life has been kicking us in the ass these past few months, our mental health, how we see each other in the future, and more! hopefully, you guys are having a better time than us right now but if you can relate, hey❤️. if you feel alone, please know you TRULY aren’t. no matter what is going on in your life right now, it will pass and even though this is very cliche, it will get better.
ep #4: why do men.
2020 Dec 011h 7m 33s
zach is back in our 4th episode of the podcast!! in this episode, we talk about our “experiences” with love, the people we have encountered on tinder, why we HATE texting on snapchat, the things men do that annoy us, and plenty more. this episode is definitely not for the younger viewers so viewer discretion is advised lolllll.
ep #3: if you zon't want to zo it, then zon't zo it
2020 Nov 231h 1m 56s
in this episode we have two very special guests, kayla and zach! we talk about the crazy events that happened when we hung out that day, our perception/theories of life, and we end it by answering questions that lets you know more about us! this is basically a normal conversation between us and our friends hahaha but it is entertaining so sit back and enjoy.
ep #2: alexa, play high school by nicki minaj
2020 Nov 1652m 15s
high school was certainly… a time. we go over our time in high school from freshman year to senior year. we talk about everything from our crushes, our classes, our teachers, our friendships, and everything in between. listen to us as we recall a lot of our good and not so good memories of high school. also, y’all… we SWEAR we’re nice.
ep #1: pid, purr, and that's all we gotta say
2020 Nov 111h 10m 49s
it’s our first ever episode!!!! in this episode, we introduce ourselves and talked about how we became friends, how we would get rko’d outta no where by our brothers, some music that have really made us feel some type of way, and soooo much more (we talked a lot longer than we expected hahaha).