Liberated Ladies
  • Amber Bocook & Tina Klawitter
19 episodes
A dramedy podcast that explores the highs, lows, and everything in between of divorce, sex, confidence, and dating. Amber and Tina strive to bring awareness to all struggles women face in toxic marriages, singlehood, and navigating the dating world. We’ll explore a huge variety of topics ranging from heartbreaking to pee-your-pants hilarious. We want to share our stories in hopes of helping women recognize their worth and realize they are not alone!


19. Dragged into the Woods ft. You Should have Ghosted Podcast!
2021 Apr 071h 26m 45s
In this episode, Amber and Tina welcome their friends Liz and Shayna from You Should have Ghosted! We are so grateful they joined us as our first guests from another podcast! We discuss their favorite tinder profiles, notable first dates, and red flags...
18. Safe Sex is Great Sex
2021 Mar 311h 4m 23s
In this episode, Amber and Tina discuss how to practice safe sex. Protecting your health and well-being is so important! You will definitely want to tune in to learn simple tips and tricks to ensure you are taking the necessary precautions to avoid...
17. A Child’s Perspective: Featuring Rene
2021 Mar 241h 15m 2s
In this episode, Amber and Tina welcome their first and very special guest - Tina’s daughter Rene! We discuss how growing up with an abusive and controlling father impacted her childhood, as well as the effect it has had on her as an adult. This...
16. Tina's Tinder Success Story!
2021 Mar 1747m 18s
In this episode, Tina shares her story about meeting and falling in love with her boyfriend David! Things may have been rocky at the beginning, but the universe knew they were meant to be and made sure they couldn't stay away from one another. This is...
15. Amber's Tinder Success Story
2021 Mar 1052m 7s
In this episode, Amber shares her story of finding love on Tinder and meeting her now-husband Josh. This is the first part of this series, and Tina will be sharing her Tinder success story in episode 16. You don't want to miss this adorable story of...
14. What We Look for in a Partner
2021 Mar 031h 2m 20s
In this episode, Amber and Tina discuss  characteristics that they sought in a partner after leaving their toxic marriages. After learning what they didn’t want from their previous partners, Amber and Tina were able to pinpoint exactly what they wanted...
13. I Feel like I'm Barely Hanging on
2021 Feb 251h 10m 58s
TW: Physical Abuse.In this episode, Tina and Amber share messages to their younger selves. They cover mistakes made, lessons learned, and general warnings to their teenage persona. There are tears, and laughs and many vulnerable moments. This exercise...
12. I'm Here For You Part 2
2021 Feb 241h 7m 25s
In this episode, Amber and Tina continue the discussion about helping a friend when they are experiencing abuse from their partner. This part focuses on how you can help that friend when they have decided they want to leave. How to keep them safe, and...
11. I’m Here for You No Matter What
2021 Feb 031h 4m 22s
In this episode, Amber and Tina provide helpful advice on how to approach a loved one who is in an abusive relationship. Be gentle, be kind, and really listen to them. Let them know that you’re always there, day or night! You’ll definitely want to tune...
10. I was on The Tinder
2021 Jan 271h 2m 34s
We can’t believe we’re already releasing episode 10! In this episode, Amber and Tina share their tips on staying safe when dating, or really just in any situation. You never what the person you’re meeting has planned, and it’s always a good idea to...