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"Engineered Adventures is in the business of epic storycraft. Join Pro Game Master Chris each week as he shares legendary tools to level up your Table-Top Role Play Experience. Chris has been playing, game mastering, and engineering professional and casual RPG adventures for over a decade. He combines his optimization experience as a process engineer with his passion for collaborative storytelling to provide a streamlined approach to Table-Top Roleplaying Games. Through practical experience and engaging interviews, Chris shares TTRPG strategies that work. Demystify the world of Dungeons and Dragons, unlock the secrets of roleplay, and don the mantle of Dungeon Mastery. Through a proprietary blend of interviews and solo shows, learn the secrets to skillful game mastering, efficient game prep, and optimized player engagement. You will learn how to start playing DND, how to make engaging characters, and how to get better at roleplay. Learn to structure your own campaigns, and gain advanced DM tips the pros use to keep their sessions epic and engaging. Hit subscribe and let’s start creating masterful stories, both at the table, and in real life. "


014 - Constraints Level Up Creativity
2021 Feb 2837m 8s
014 - Everyone wants more creativity in their Dungeons and Dragons Games. Cultivate more creativity through constraints. Constraints breed innovation and creativity. If necessity is the mother of invention, then constraints are the authors of...
013 - Short Campaign Tips
2021 Jan 2336m
013 - Short campaigns are like other DND campaigns, but they have a hard deadline. This gives shape to your adventure. Their unique size gives opportunities to explore new styles, genres, and approaches, without locking yourself into a years-long...
012 - Christian Borchert - My Sound Delve
2021 Jan 071h 3m 1s
EP 012 - Equipped with an arsenal of compelling music, an enviable collection of historic miniatures, and an ecosystem of handcrafted terrain, Christian Borchert knows how to make his games a truly epic experience. He’s also the creator of the...
011 - Dream One Shots
2020 Dec 2426m 39s
EP 011 - You can’t always have everyone at your games when you want. Sometimes life happens and people need to reschedule. What if you don’t want to play without them, but you don’t want to pull out an entire oneshot for the day? Compromise with the...
010 - You're Not as Good as You Want to Be
2020 Dec 1031m 42s
You’re not as good at Dungeons and Dragons as you want to be. That’s okay. Don’t let that stop you. Don’t let perfection stop you from enjoying the imperfections along the way. Show Notes:’s not easy to...
009 - My First Dungeon Master - Hamish Sharik
2020 Nov 0756m 4s
EP 009 - My first session of Dungeons and Dragons started in my cousin’s living room. Riddled with eraser marks, and more than slightly crinkled, I pulled out my character sheet, slightly nervous, kinda excited, waiting to start the game. I played role...
008 - How I do Session Notes
2020 Oct 2126m 10s
EP 008 - As Game Master, you are the keeper of the records. You hold the bulk of the story in your hands. Through intentional session notes, you can leverage this responsibility to tell complex stories. You can find my session Note Template in the show...
007 - Creativity & Conflict with RiLee
2020 Oct 1533m 9s
EP 007 - Everyone wants to have fun playing Dungeons & Dragons.We want thrilling moments, exciting adventures, and emotional swells that stay with you for years to come. My good friend RiLee White is a master at creating these moments. Whether it’s...
006 - My DND Session Prep Template
2020 Oct 0736m 54s
006 - A few years ago, I was running 2 full time, long running campaigns, and I would spend evenings just pulling together pages of notes for each session. I was spending so much time. And you know what’s worse? It wasn’t really helping my games at the...
005 - The DND Hobbyverse with Ethan
2020 Oct 011h 4m 16s
Dungeons and Dragons is more popular than ever before!Millions of people are finding the joy of sitting down each week to tell stories at the table with friends. Groups stream online through podcasts, live streams, and videos. We have celebrities...