• Alex Flores
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Listen as Luke Sparkman and I bring you wisdom and practical knowledge on many different topics, with different guests.


Take This Society || Breaking The Chains of People Pleasing
2020 Dec 1427m 28s
Society tells you the opposite of these things, but it’s okay to not be liked. It’s okay to STAND OUT. It’s okay to BE BOLD. It’s okay to OFFEND SOME PEOPLE. Be bold and DON’T CARE about other peoples opinions of you. BREAK THOSE CHAINS!
Walk Any Way You Want Ep. 3 - Leadership
2020 Dec 0638m 10s
Listen as Myers Taylor and I take you througha discussion on the discipline of leadership.
Walk Any Away You Want EP 2 - How To Have The Discipline To Quit Pornography
2020 Oct 2928m 15s
In this episode I talk about how to quit the thing so many people live in bondage to. Pornography. Together we can get out of this abusive relationship.
Walk Any Way You Want EP 1 - Luke Sparkmans Journey To Long-Term Discipline
2020 Oct 291h 45s
In this Episode, Luke Sparkman tells us about his story, and tells us about his journey to long term discipline.
Welcome to practicality!
2020 Oct 222m 43s
A teaser of things to come for this podcast.
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