• Scott Steven Cary
19 episodes
Cream City Social is the official podcast of Milwaukees chapter of the DSA. The podcast features interviews with local leftist and chapter members, as well as segments diving into the rich socialist history of Milwaukee.


Another Casual Ep
2021 Apr 1259m 5s
Scott and Eric are joined by their NEW CO-HOST Emma Mae Weber to discuss an assortment of topics. They talk about Collectivo's union efforts, the covid vaccine, and Eric introduces a theory that may just blow your mind!
The Milwaukee DSA Electoral Slate w/ Dana Kelley, Alex Brower, and Darrin Madison Jr.
2021 Mar 291h 3m 55s
This week we interview the Milwaukee DSA endorsed candidates for the upcoming April 6th election.
An Interview with John Gurda
2021 Mar 221h 6m 31s
Scott, Eric, and guest-host Ian Gunther sit down for an interview with Milwaukee Writer and Historian John Gurda. He answers their questions on Milwaukee's Socialist history as we learn about the conditions in Milwaukee that led to the rise of the Socialists and their lasting impact on the city.
An Interview with Arthur Edmund and Olivia Litzenberg PLUS Baby Marx Episode 1
2021 Mar 151h 4m 1s
In this special BONUS episode Scott and Eric interview Arthur Edmund and Olivia Litzenberg, co-leads of the Milwaukee DSA's Electoral Slate. They discuss their campaign strategy for the upcoming April 6th election. If you are looking to get involved you can sign up here: https://forms.gle/9856ACYdWc9XZm8D9
Hindsight is 2020
2021 Mar 081h 6m 29s
Co-hosts Scott and Eric read a timeline from January 2020 to the present.
A Casual Episode
2021 Feb 2254m 5s
Scott and Eric keep it casual for this episode as they discuss the passing of Rush Limbaugh, primary victories for MKE DSA endorsed candidates for School Board, Alex Lasry, and Ted Cruz's Cancun getaway.
The Coocoo Coup Part Two
2021 Feb 081h 22m 23s
Scott sits down for an interview with three organizers who put together a rally against the January 6th insurection at the Captiol. They discuss their feelings on the insurection, the rally, and the political future of the left going forward.
An Interview w/ Dana Kelley: Candidate for School Board District 4
2021 Feb 0158m 9s
Scott and Eric interview Dana Kelley, candidate for Milwaukee School Board representing District 4.
Ron Johnson Part 2 (1/25/21)
2021 Jan 2559m 39s
Part two of our piece on Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. We talk about his involvment with the Trump/Ukraine scandal and the storming of the Capitol earlier this month.
Ron Johnson Part 1 (1/18/21)
2021 Jan 1859m 53s
Part one of Scott and Eric's takedown of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. They get into his orgins as a Senator as well as a lengthy aside on the Fairness Act.