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The podcast where we talk about what makes people tick.


13 - PJ Gallagher
2021 Apr 041h 6m 44s
On this weeks episode we are joined by well-loved comedian, actor, radio and TV presenter and podcaster, PJ Gallagher. PJ tells us about his funniest moments filming 'Naked Camera' and 'The Young Offenders', chats about his experience with stage fright, and lets us in on what he gets up to when no one is watching..
12 - Killian Sundermann
2021 Mar 2843m 34s
On this week's episode we're joined by comedian, viral video maker and podcaster Killian Sundermann. Killian lets us in on his guilty pleasure movies, his activism and rocking out in his friend's shed with his childhood mates. Enjoy!
11 - Grainne Binns
2021 Mar 2141m 21s
On this weeks episode we are joined by fashion blogger, youtuber, clothing brand owner/designer and roller skate extraodinaire, Grainne Binns. Grainne tells us about her love for fashion and establishing her clothing brand, about her popular roller skating videos and about some of her unexpected guilty pleasures.
10 - Mark McCabe
2021 Mar 1449m 21s
On this weeks episode we are joined by renowned DJ, Producer and Remixer, Mark McCabe. Mark tell us about how he got involved in the music scene, about his newly found hobby and about his most embarrassing on stage moment.
9 - Owen Colgan
2021 Mar 0744m 30s
On this weeks episode we chat to Comedian, Actor, Social Media star and Podcaster, Owen Colgan. Owen tell us about some of his funniest fan encounters, about some of the interesting items he has been sent by fans and lets us in on his newly found love for 'Sex and the City.'
8 - Karl Spain
2021 Feb 2842m 31s
Comedian, Actor and Writer, Karl Spain joins us on this week's episode. Karl lets us in on some of his funniest comedy moments, chat's about the concept of cancel-culture and tells us as about some of his guiltiest pleasures..
7 - Laura Fox
2021 Feb 2141m 57s
2fm Radio DJ, Tv Presenter and Podcaster, Laura Fox joins us this week's episode. Laura tells us about how she landed her dream job, about her embarrassing on-air stories and how she has unleashed her inner slouch during lockdown.
6 - Podge Henry
2021 Feb 1445m 37s
Podcaster, TikToker, Video Maker and all round funny guy, Podge Henry joins us on this week's episode. Podge tells us about his methods when creating sketches, about his Tinder pursuits and about the time he cleaned his housemates dishes for a whole year. Enjoy!
5 - Meghann Scully
2020 Dec 2045m 10s
TV/Radio Broadcaster and Author, Meghann Scully joins us on this week's episode to chat about how she got into media, her run in with the supernatural and her one true love.. Supermacs.
4 - Hazey Haze
2020 Dec 1329m 24s
Hazey Haze joins us on this week’s episode. We talk about he got stuck into rapping, how he prepares and winds down after a gig and his love for new words and linguistics. Enjoy!