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Share my love for sports and watch me give my opinion on trending topics. Not just a hobby...but a passion Join me your host Jesse Undernehr weekly as we discuss sports news in the NFL, NBA and more. I am located in Arkansas where I hope to do this as a full time job. Join me so we can share our love for sports together. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jesse-undernehr/support


NFL Week 11 Recap. Colts, Ravens & Titans and Tom Brady Bush-league
2020 Nov 2412m 19s
Come take a listen and lets recap an amazing week of NFL football!!
Top 3 NFL games going into Week 11
2020 Nov 188m 7s
Top games coming up and what to expect!
Predicting NFL Division Winners
2020 May 2912m 52s
Will your favorite team be picked to win their division? Listen to find out..
Gronk is back! The Duo is back to dominate
2020 Apr 216m
This is crazy...
Top NFL Draft Steals since 2010!!!
2020 Apr 1717m 22s
Join me as we discuss the best steals since 2010
Cleveland Browns best roster? Tyrod Taylor and Cam Newton
2020 Apr 0114m 2s
In this episode we will be talking about the "amazing" Cleveland Browns and their inability to stick with a headcoach and to somehow win a game. Also we will be talking about Tyrod Taylor as a starter and Cam Newton not be signed yet>
NFL Free Agency. Colts, Texans, Tom Brady and many more
2020 Mar 2521m 48s
Join me and Andrew Breeding as we discuss the worst and best offseason moves this year in the NFL.
Welcome to Fresh Sports
2020 Mar 2431s
Lets take in some nice air and talk about sports.
Signing Philip Rivers will work out!
2020 Mar 1911m 21s
I did not prepare for this podcast like normal, but i wanted to put something out. Expect a more in depth episode tomorrow
Why the lakers won't win!
2020 Mar 0319m 4s
In this episode we dive into the 3 top teams in the NBA and talk about where I see them going as the season continues. If you are a Clippers, Lakers or Bucks fan then you need to listen to this episode.