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Just a few Patriots trying to figure out this world. We talk about conspiracy theories, politics, how to deal with the zombie apocalypse, and much much more.


2021 Jan 121h 48m 6s
It’s the summer of 69.
2021 Jan 092h 20m 26s
This is what happens when you put 3 exhausted patriots together.
2021 Jan 051h 30m 11s
Just a simple conversation with an old friend.
2021 Jan 052h 27m 29s
Lin Wood gives me hard wood.
2021 Jan 032h 30m 22s
We deep dive into the power of the pussy. Can a real feminist please stand up? No not you, pussy hat wears.
2020 Dec 282h 45m 10s
We make our 2021 predictions and Tex turns on Alex Jones. Or did he?
2020 Dec 242h 29m 12s
America, we stand with you. Btw, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
2020 Dec 202h 54m 36s
MK Ultra is a bitch.
2020 Dec 121h 44m 9s
My mic is broken almost the entire episode because I’m an idiot. Coin talks about his weed addiction, Tex will sell his ass to smoke the reefer, and Bizz shares Coins love for a joint.
2020 Dec 081h 58m 4s
The Conspiracy Couch stands with the victims and families of the victims of Waco. No matter what side they were on.