Glad You Asked! with Jarred Keane
  • Jarred Keane
23 episodes
Australian comedian Jarred Keane asks the difficult, infrequently asked questions in an effort to better understand themselves and the world they inhabit. Guests bring in their unique perspective and life experiences to topics such as Immigration, War & Combat, Depression, Terminal illness, Disability, Addiction, Homelessness, Incarceration, Sex Work, Religion & Spirituality, Marriage and more.New episodes dropped every Monday AEST.


MINI Episode #1. Easter Not So Special
2021 Apr 0522m 42s
Enjoy 20 minutes of rambling stories and a few personal revelations I am too tired to have second thoughts about sharing half-arsed like this.
#22. Cancelled with Jacques Barrett
2021 Mar 291h 2m 15s
Jacques Barrett is known for his relentless comedic skill, walking a razor's edge of offensive and insightful. Don't let his French, sophisticated name fool you, he is from rural and suburban Queensland with not a lick of European upbringing and it's...
#21. Femaleism with Dolores Lorette
2021 Mar 221h 21m 39s
Dolores Lorette is a comedian, artist and mother. I met her as a very young starting comedian when she was doing a solo show called "From Earth Mother to MILF". A decade later and she's still more or less the same person I once knew except that in those...
#20. Seeking Asylum with Hani Abdile
2021 Mar 151h 19m 7s
Hani Abdile is an award winning poet who was forced at a young age to make the impossible decision to leave the only home she'd ever known for a chance of freedom and safety.
#19. Trans Rights with Mal Brooks
2021 Mar 081h 13m 32s
In the spirit of Sydney Mardi Gras 2021, we're looking at the experience of being a trans person and the ongoing fight for trans rights. Mal Brooks is a former top chef at a prestigious Melbourne Women's club and a trans man.
#18. Fame & Homelessness with Ciaran Lyons
2021 Mar 0156m 54s
Ciaran Lyons is an award winning stand-up comedian who found fame and success while he was still in High School. Less than ten years later, he was sleeping outside of 7/11s in Sydney's Kings Cross.
#17. Dead Dads Society with Mitch Garling
2021 Feb 221h 4m 6s
The first GYA crossover episode sees Comedian Mitch Garling come on to talk about the not particularly hilarious subject of dead fathers. Mitch's podcast is also relatively young and that's the first of a few similarities between the two as we find out.
#16. Disability with Madeleine Stewart
2021 Feb 151h 16m 15s
Madeleine Stewart is a very talented comedian who happens to be what they call "limb deficient", which makes her an excellent advocate and representative of the disability community. Founder of the monthly comedy show specifically designed for people that almost entirely get ignored from the live comedy scene, Crips & Creeps. In these shows she makes sure the venue is fully accessible whilst also giving a platform for comedians that are differently abled.
#15. Orgies & Suicide with Ayden Doherty
2021 Feb 081h 23m 49s
Ayden Doherty is a Perth-based Comedian with an award winning Fringe Festival show and a fascinating past. The gender bending aesethic he cultivates and the larger than life personality to match his imposing physique make him utterly unforgettable, but no one is without their demons and his new show explores those things which often go unsaid.
#14. Social Work with Sian Smyth
2021 Feb 011h 18m 27s
Sian Smyth is a comedian and former Social Worker from a family of social workers. Their unique insights and raw honesty with some of the darkest subject matters in existence make them a fascinating and hilarious person to watch, as well as someone to have one hell of a good conversation with.