Every Friday your hosts Rock Coleman and Crystal Alexandra, force you to listen to their unfiltered ramblings about the finer things in nerd culture.


2020 Sep 114m 50s
We'll be back Space Cowboys
Just Put All Of UPN On Netflix
2020 Sep 0446m 6s
Welcome back to the format. Static Shock, Moesha, Cousin Skeeter, Oh My!
World Waifu Tournament Grand Finale
2020 Aug 2858m 48s
This is it ladies and gentleman we will crown your waifu and cursed waifu in this episode here. If you have any gripes and you very well may, please comment. While you're at it please let us know what our next tournament should be.
World Waifu Tournament Part 2
2020 Aug 2133m 15s
Round 2 people!
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