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MyDD State of the Union Wrap Up Show
2010 Jan 2853m 13s
MyDD bloggers discuss the evening's State of the Union.
MyDD BTR Triumphant Return
2010 Jan 051h 2m 45s
MyDD Blog Talk Radio returns after a too-long hiatus.
MyDD BTR's Presidential Speech Show
2009 Feb 251h 1m 5s
MyDD bloggers discuss Barack Obama's address to congress.
MyDD Blog Talk Radio
2008 Dec 081h 34s
the award-winning the best political team on internet radio.
2008 Nov 2643m 4s
The return of the award-winning MyDD Blog Talk Radio show.
2008 Aug 0457m 56s
the award winning mydd blog talk radio.
MyDD Blog Talk Radio at Netroots Nation
2008 Jul 1922m 33s
The MyDD BTR team talks from Netroots Nation.
MyDD Blog Talk Radio
2008 Jul 141h 1m 4s
The show returns.
MyDD Blog Talk Radio
2008 Apr 0755m 23s
MyDD Blog Talk Radio returns!
Texas/Ohio Primary Day Show
2008 Mar 051h 1m 7s
MyDDers wrap up the evenings results.
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