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Rants and raves from your favorite angry lycan who loves nothing more than to tell the truth, tell it like it is, and tell people off


The power of positivity... no I didn’t get hacked!
2021 Apr 0755m 45s
I spent an entire month working on myself and staying off social media just so that I could try being more positive and enjoy life for a change and you know what? It worked…
Toys r us killed toys r us
2021 Mar 311h 7m 2s
Just like bret screwed Bret, Toys “R” Us screwed themselves over and even if the new owner does decide to bring it back it’s not gonna be the same thing that we remember and we should keep those memories special for a reason but there could be a fix…
The death of video stores
2021 Mar 2458m 29s
After watching the last blockbuster on Netflix I got extremely nostalgic and started reminiscing about all of my memories involving video stores and that’s not anything you could get from your streaming service now…
Totally tubular 80s toys part two!
2021 Mar 1755m 59s
Recapping the toys from 1986 to 1989 and fun random toy memories from inside the office. What a Time to be alive and live through the creation of some of the greatest toy lines and not so greatest knock off toy lines
Totally tubular toys of the 80s
2021 Mar 1059m 6s
Part one of memory lane discussing toys from the 80’s! Dude. Taking a break from complaining to just have some fun
The genderless potato
2021 Mar 031h 25s
Thank God my questions have been answered because now I can confirm that Mr. potato head is gender neutral… What does that mean for the rest of us and why do we even have to talk about it… Why does it matter what sex or what sub group a plastic potato belongs to…
What are we bitching about this week!
2021 Feb 241h 6m 30s
Cancel culture, racism, cultural stereotypes, and the Simpsons?! Fuck. This society is getting out of hand.
Cancel the cancel culture
2021 Feb 191h 5m 48s
Random ramblings and musings about how dumb this cancel culture is.
Valentine’s Day horror stories
2021 Feb 1455m 55s
If you were like me you hate Valentine’s Day and this is just another corporate holiday and reason for you to spend money you don’t have on people that won’t appreciate it anyway. So enjoy my dating horror stories on this special episode for Valentine’s Day.
The haunted museum
2021 Feb 121h 13m 2s
For a brief time I did actually work at The Haunted Museum here in Las Vegas and it was definitely an experience but the most hunting thing about it was the management who wasted my time and eventually didn’t allow me to work there beyond a month. So while this is a personal blog of the problems and complaints I had as to why I’m not working there there are some tidbits and some cool experiences that I did get to witness while being on the inside of the worlds most haunted museum