Kings of Queen City
  • Jake Whisman and Eli Nagel
22 episodes
Welcome to the Kings of Queen City! Jake and Eli discuss all things Cincinnati sports, from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Cincinnati Reds and everything in between. We hope you enjoy!


Reds streak comes to an end and Bengals Ring of Honor talk!
2021 Apr 1247m 28s
On today's episode of the Kings of Queen City podcast. On today's episode we talk about the recent hot streak the Reds have been on and the recent loses to the Diamondbacks. After our Reds talk we talk about the Bengals first Ring of Honor class and...
Reds vs Cardinals series recap and Team Sewell or Team Chase?
2021 Apr 0543m 35s
On today's episode of the Kings of Queen City podcast, we start off by recapping the very interesting and busy series the Reds had against the Cardinals. Then we take a dive into the debate of Penei Sewell vs Ja'Marr Chase for the Bengals. We hope you...
Crossover with Ryan Townsend from Nasty Nati Sports Talk!
2021 Mar 2950m 13s
On todays episode of the Kings of Queen City podcast we have a very special guest on the podcast, Ryan Townsend who is the host of Nasty 'Nati Sports Tallk, to talk to us about all things Cincinnati Sports. Make sure to follow Ryan and the podcast on...
Bengals Free Agent pickups and Reds defensive issues coming?
2021 Mar 2242m 12s
On today's episode of the Kings of Queen City podcast we start by talking about the Bengals free agent moves up to this point. After we talk about Kenny GollaDEY signing with the New York Giants over the Cincinnati Bengals. Next, we talk about if free...
Emergency Free Agency Podcast!
2021 Mar 1629m 34s
With the way Free Agency was going we decided we need to put out an episode talking about our opinions and hearing what we think on the matter. Also we throw in a little Reds Spring Training talk in the middle. Let us know what you guys think on...
Bengals jersey leaks, No Franchise tag, and Duke Tobin speaks to media!
2021 Mar 1250m 45s
On today's episode of Kings of Queen City Jake and Eli talk about the very busy week in Cincinnati Sports. We start off by talking about the Bengals not using the franchise tag on either Carl Lawson or William Jackson III. Next we talk a little about...
Mock Bengals offseason and First Reds ST games!
2021 Mar 0556m 28s
On this episode Eli and Jake work together on their first combo offseason. After the longer offseason mock, Jake and Eli talk about the first few games of Spring Training for the Reds. After some solid performances from Hunter Greene and Tejay Antone,...
Talking Reds Spring Training start and Elizabeth Blackburn's statement
2021 Feb 2642m 28s
On today's episode, Jake and Eli start by talking about the Bengals and Elizabeth Blackburn's newest article and statement on the direction of the team. Next Jake and Eli talk a little about Bengal's free agency before talking some hot takes for Reds...
Bengals off-season mock and Reds Spring Training!
2021 Feb 2048m 28s
On today's episode of the Kings of Queen City,  we first talk about the rumors of a Ring of Honor in Paul Brown Stadium. Next, Jake does his first off season mock for the Bengals with some very elite moves! After that we talk about the Reds and the...
Interview with former Bengals linebacker, Rashad Jeanty!
2021 Feb 121h 7m 47s
On today's episode we were lucky enough to interview our friend and former Bengals linebacker, Rashad Jeanty! Rashad talked to us about his journey from playing football at UCF. His playing days in the CFL during his first time in Edmonton. What it was...