Leadership Is A Lifestyle
  • Andria Tupola
4 episodes
A podcast about Hawaii's issues, solutions & the Vote Tupola initiatives.


Hope for Hawaii’s Wedding & Events Industry ( Clubhouse Episode )
2021 Apr 0836m 47s
This episode was recorded brought to you by Clubhouse.
EP#3 Written Plans
2020 Nov 2114m 9s
I'm going to take you through the importance of written plans here in Hawaii.
EP#2 Why did I run for Governor?
2020 Nov 1314m 50s
Why did I run for Governor in 2018? I'm taking you through the reasons why I made the decision to run for Governor of Hawaii in 2018.
EP#1 Why Politics?
2020 Nov 0820m 44s
Why did Andria Tupola get involved in politics? In today's podcast, Andria Tupola explains to us her journey into politics.
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