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Episode #15- Shadows, Finale
2020 Aug 041h 9m 30s
And so our last recorded episode is here. I wish this had gone longer or ended better, but this is what we have. We'll do a wrap-up sometime soon. Thanks for joining us on our adventure.
Episode #14.5 - The Phoenix Interlude
2020 Aug 0439m 45s
In this bonus episode, let's take a step back in time and see some secrets from one character's past.
A Brief Update
2020 Jul 271m 35s
An update on the status of the podcast and why we've been MIA so long.
Episode #14 - Shadow, Part 4
2019 Sep 022h 49m 16s
In our longest episode yet, our boys start out with an ill-conceived prank and it only gets worse from there.
Episode #13 - Shadow, Part 3
2019 Aug 052h 4m 28s
The Lady of Midnight has finally arrived in the town of Helef, and shit is about to go down. But not before an extended tangent to play a sledding minigame.
Episode #12.5 - Behind the Scenes
2019 Jul 2151m 13s
In this Bonus Episode, we take a little time to talk directly to our players about their characters and their motivations. Also, a few extra scenes hint at things to come. I know this is a weird one, but I hope you like it!
Episode #12 - Shadow, Part 2
2019 Jul 011h 33m 6s
The Beefy Boys return from their brief cosmic sojourn and deal with the implications of Prophecy...briefly. Then it's just shenanigans in town for a while.
Episode #11 - Shadow, Part 1
2019 Jun 291h 32m 36s
Our beefy boys are on the Moon! Plagued by mysterious questions and audio issues, what could happen on this Lunar Escapade?
Episode #10 - Flight, Finale
2018 Dec 082h 7m 17s
When last we left our Heroes they were hunting an undead. That is probably the least plot relevant thing to happen in this episode. Meet new characters and learn more about old ones! Feel at least 2 emotions! All this and more in this Land of Life and Story Arc Finale
Episode #9 - Flight, Part 3
2018 Dec 031h 18m 57s
After a cliffhanger that we left you on for...far too long, what will be the fate of our party and their new archer friend?