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A LIVE #MomChatMonday hosted by Kyla Marie Charles and Amy Eilers of House of Eilers bringing all sorts of moms together to chat about motherhood topics from mundane to controversial. No shame, no judgement, just talking with mom friends and figuring it all out as we go-- as moms do! Join our community on Instagram to interact LIVE each Monday at 8:30 PM CST by visiting: https://instagram.com/kylamariecharles/channel/


E18 - Spring Cleaning with Corrine Burghardt
2021 Mar 2632m 49s
Join @houseofeilers and @slayathomemother and @kylamariecharles while we chat spring cleaning and what it looks like (and doesn’t look like) for three very different moms!Connect with Corinne HERE! https://www.instagram.com/slayathomemother/_____Book...
E17 - Tantrums
2021 Mar 2039m 8s
One of motherhood’s biggest obstacles, tantrums! Come chat with Kyla @kylamariecharles and Amy @houseofeilers in this weeks chat where we talk about tantrums and how we each parent them differently. This chat is to bridge the communicative gap between...
E16 - Back To School Pandemic Edition
2021 Mar 0328m 3s
Check in this week as the chat covers feelings and thoughts about sending our kids back to school. Kyla and Amy openly discuss the decision process of going back to school in the midst of the pandemic, how that looks different for different moms, and...
E15 - Work Life Balance with Julie Cole
2021 Feb 2525m 17s
Trying to juggle all of the things is as a mom is not just hard, it's almost impossible! This week Kyla @kylamariecharles and Amy @houseofeilers are chatting with Julie @cole.julie about Work Life balance. If you missed part one of this miniseries,...
E14 - Marriage + Gender Roles
2021 Feb 1834m 34s
Hang with Kyla  and Amy as we discuss marriage + gender roles. Are you traditional in your role are do you and your partner carry a more modern approach?Chat with us in this episode as we share how we make marriage work, and ways we’ve failed in the...
E13 - #MOMCHATMONDAY Funnies: Early Marriage
2021 Feb 1135m 41s
Kyla and Amy kick off a new micro-series of  #MomChatMonday with lighthearted Funnies!A second to get to know more about Amy and Kyla and hear funny stories from their early marriage- how they met their husbands- and hear shout outs of other mom's...
E12 - Rewarding Good Grades
2021 Feb 0434m 18s
Tonight Kyla and Amy talk about report cards + grades, how we all handle them, and how we reward them, differently! Were you rewarded for good grades as a child? How do you plan to address report cards and grades in your home? We’d love to hear your...
E11 - Adding a Sibling
2021 Jan 2743m 22s
Come join Kyla and Amy as they chat about their different experiences in adding a sibling. What was their hardest transition? 0-1 kids? 1-2? 2-3? or 3-4? Find out in this week's episode of Mom Chat Monday!Where to find us!Kyla's Instagram and BlogAmy's...
E10 - Intentional Parenting
2021 Jan 1425m 57s
Intentional Parenting is the hot topic this week? Do you consider yourself intentional? We as moms often don't give ourselves enough credit for our efforts. What’s one thing you do to stay intentional as a parent?!Today we discuss how we feel like we...
E9 - Clutter + Mess
2021 Jan 1233m 38s
This week the mom's chat Clutter + Mess. Can you guess who's team clutter free? Listen and chat with us as we talk about ways we tackle the home, and things we choose to let slide. Where to find us!Kyla's Instagram and BlogAmy's Instagram and...