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Diana Kay Romero is a purpose cultivator, life coach, team builder, and visionary. Diana will share wisdom and experiences learned through 30 years in corporate business, lessons learned and still learning while being an entrepreneur, and her journey of transitioning into living the integrated life. An integrated life is a life lived full of passion and purpose. A life that is no longer fragmented into silos of work-life, family life, school life, and church life, this life contains all these aspects and more, but it is no longer fragmented, it is whole and has a purpose-filled flow. Through topics shared by Diana and at times her guests, you will gain knowledge on how to use your God-given passions and purpose to reach your full potential. You will gain thought-provoking insights to challenge old paradigms around business and faith. You will be cheered on to accomplish your dreams and aspirations. You will flow and grow!!


9. Who is This Man?
2021 Apr 1218m 44s
In this episode, we will share the story of when Jesus calms a storm and AMAZES the disciples.
8. Declare, Declare, Declare
2021 Mar 3015m 25s
In this episode, we will talk about the importance of making declarations.
7. Better Together
2021 Mar 1538m
This episode is part 2 of my conversation with my dear friends Joe and Kathy Nemmers. Joe Nemmers is a former Senior Vice President of Diagnostics Operations and President of the Abbott Diagnostics Division. As mentioned in part 1 Joe had a large impact on my career.
6. Part One: The Power of a Great Leader
2021 Mar 0229m 17s
This is part one of a two-part series. In this episode, I will be talking with my dear friends Joe and Kathy Nemmers.
5. Ties and T-Shirts
2021 Feb 1627m 21s
Join me as I talk with Gerald Parsons, CEO of Life Languages InternationalTM and author of his new book, Ties and T-shirts where he talks about.....
4. A Bloom a Day
2021 Feb 0211m 7s
What if we viewed our lives like that of a daylily? Each day is a day to bloom. Each day a chance to show forth our best. The bloom of yesterday may no longer be there, but we have a new day for a new bloom.
3. Signs and Wonders
2021 Jan 1912m 27s
The most important aspect of the integrated life is that it is centered in our relationship with God.
2. Treasure Hunting - Cultivating Purpose
2021 Jan 1913m 55s
In this episode, Diana invites you to go on a treasure hunt to find the greatness within you. We were all created with a divine purpose within us. Go treasure hunting to discover your purpose.
1. The Integrated Life
2021 Jan 1917m 3s
This is the introduction and launch of The Integrated Life Podcast, where Diana Romero teaches you how to balance work, family, and faith, so you can integrate your life and become whole again.
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