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Welcome to the podcast dedicated to understanding connection at work. This is where we talk to leaders, communications professionals and other subject matter experts about how organizations are now intentional about designing for connection in the workplace.


Shawn Cutter & Amber Saba
2020 Oct 3035m 37s
GreenScreens' CEO & COO on using screens to transform the retail experience in the cannabis industry
Nathaniel Thomas
2020 Oct 3044m 35s
Ricoh's Nathan Thomas and Dean Bagnall on how to approach a hybrid working model
Ryan Campbell
2020 Oct 3038m 5s
Ryan Campbell on how processes and information radiators can foster collaboration and communication at work
Natascha Katzwinkel
2020 Oct 2926m 37s
Exploring the different shades of burnout with Natascha Katzwinkel
Ginni Lisk
2020 Oct 2954m
People and Culture expert Ginni Lisk on helping companies find the right approach to solving today’s problems
Nancy Wood
2020 Oct 2929m 45s
Nancy Wood on building community and leading with compassion in a remote environment
Andrea Clough
2020 Oct 2955m 25s
Engineer Whisperer Andrea Clough on ego, mindfulness, and prerequisites for a fulfilled and connected career and life
Katherine McConnell
2020 Oct 2926m 37s
Katherine McConnell on reconnecting with the workplace after a career break
Andy Kirk
2020 Oct 2829m 48s
Andy Kirk’s unique framework for thinking about data visualization
Kate Strachnyi
2020 Oct 2826m 43s
Kate Strachnyi on the nitty-gritty process of data visualization and the challenges of getting it right at work