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  • Ben Powers
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Episode 30: Luz and Webster, a Band of Brothers friendship
2021 Apr 0829m 51s
George Luz Jr is back on the show to share more stories about his dad's adventures with Easy Company, 506th PIR, the famed Band of Brothers.
Episode 29: An interview with author Andrew Waters, author of "To The End Of The World".
2021 Apr 081h 7m 7s
Andrew Waters, author of "To The End Of The World" talks about the American Revolution in the South, specifically recalling the British General Charles Cornwallis' pursuit of Nathaneal Greene to the Dan River in early 1781. It's a story of endurance, courage and fighting a thinking general's war.
Episode 28: An interview withStacy Hayashi, writer and producer of the movie "Go For Broke: An Origin Story".
2021 Mar 1357m 48s
Stacy Hayashi, writer and producer of the movie "Go For Broke: An Origin Story" talks about the 100th Battalion and 442nd RCT,  US infantry units made up of Japanese-American soldiers who became the most decorated combat units in the US Army in WW2. An amazing project about great American heroes.
Episode 27: The Normandy French Resistance Monument
2021 Mar 0242m 52s
Retired SF officer Joey Ivanov, WW2 battlefield tour leader George Luz Jr, and sculptor Stephen Spears discuss efforts to complete a memorial to the French Resistance in time for a dedication in June 2021.
Episode 26: The Canadian Military in World War II: An interview with Author John Nelson Rickard.
2021 Mar 0256m 22s
Major John Nelson Rickard, professor at the Canadian Army Command and Staff College, discusses the development and performace of the Canadian Forces during the Second World War. Major Rickard is the author of numerous books, most recently "The Politics of Command: Lieutenant General A.G.L. McNaughton and the Canadian Army, 1939-1943".
Episode 25: An interview with Marty Morgan, author of "Down to Earth: The 507th PIR in Normandy".
2021 Feb 211h 9m 17s
Marty Morgan discusses how he became involved with documenting the wartime history of the 507th PIR, his experiences with the late Doctor Stephen Ambrose, and the combat history of the regiment during the Normandy campaign.
Episode 24: An interview with author Marcus Brotherton
2021 Feb 2146m 54s
Marcus Brotherton disucsses his book,  "Blaze of Light" about the life of Special Forces Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch as well as his work with many members of Easy Company, 506th PIR, the famed "Band of Brothers".
Episode 23: An interview with Peter Hart, Great War historian
2021 Feb 0656m 33s
An interview with author and historian Peter Hart on oral history, the Great War and his latest project, "At Close Range: Life and Death in an Artillery Regiment, 1939-1945". This episode runs a little longer than normal, but I think we cover a lot of ground.
Episode 22: An interview the Deputy Chief of Staff, G6, of the United States Army
2021 Feb 0623m 59s
This is a special, and very cool, episode with Lieutenant General John Morrison.
Episode 21: An interview with Jerry McLaughlin, author of "D-Day +60 Years".
2021 Jan 2433m 46s
Jerry McLaughlin discusses the WW2 story of his uncle, a C-47 navigator last over Normandy early on June 6,1944 and the 40 year search to find out what happened to him.